Celebrating the Jewish New Year 5775

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As this time of the year approaches I sit down to look at my year and reflect on it. Last year was a difficult year – the year of the liar and lawyer for me. While it proved to have really tough moments I didn’t think I’d make it through it and I did. And in fact I moved through some things from my past that I have wanted to deal with. I say our gifts from G-d come in the most interesting ways.

This year has not only been tough for me, I have seen my friends go through different and challenging moments for them.

When we talk about our year I know for me it has been a transformational and life-altering year. I am stronger than ever, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As with the video I posted, I had some failures and really dark moments AND some very successful moments. What was so incredible was seeing who was really there for me in my darkest times: my family, certain friends and people who I would have not known or thought yet they were there to pick me up on my sad or hard days.

From this journey also came an awareness of the people who are all about them/takers, who do not speak their truth and those who are plain liars. Being a natural giver and sometimes ‘saver’ to a fault, this was disheartening for I was forced to see people in a different light. Some were easy to let go of in my life and others I still grapple with a decision – do I want to be surrounded by this person or not?

As I sat yesterday in the Rosh Hashanah service we said a prayer that reminds me what the Jewish High Holidays are all about and where I want to go in order to bring in full joy, peace and abundance for 2014/15 year that not just me but all of us are so deserving to receive.

I want to share the end of this prayer which is first said silently and then aloud as a congregation: The Amidah:

“O Lord,
Guard my tongue from evil and my lips from speaking guile,
And to those who slander me, let me give no heed.
May my soul be humble and forgiving unto all.
Open Thou my heart, O Lord, unto Thy sacred Law,
That thy statutes I may know and all Thy truths pursue.
Bring to naught designs of those who seek to do me ill:
Speedily defeat their aims and thwart their purposes
For thine own sake, for Thine own power,
For thy holiness and Law.
That Thy loved ones be delivered,
Answer me, O Lord, and save with Thy redeeming power.”

When I read this I thought to myself, this is where I desire to go to — forgiveness. I know the forgiveness is more for me than the person I aim my forgiveness at. It does not mean I am not empowered. I will continue to stand up for what I believe in. What I will do is stand my truth and not be concerned with the person who wishes to destroy me or take me down.

As for the takers in the world, liars and people who do not speak their truth — I can forgive. I am not sure, again, that I want them in my life. I want people who are authentic and true friends. I’d rather hear the truth even if it’s not easy to hear and may hurt for at least we can work through it or in the least agree to disagree and go our separate ways. I much prefer that to the person who looks me in the face and smiles like everything is ok and it is not.

I want to end with the TUT message from today:

“What wouldn’t you give to live, love, and be happy, deliriously happy, forevermore?

Well, that’s just it, you needn’t give anything, . Just decide to live, love, and be happy, deliriously happy, from this moment forward.

And I shall provide,
The Universe”

Just do it.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. I hope that you can walk away with something personal for your life and somehow I have made it better.

All my love,


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