This weekend the clocks moved forward 1 hour. Some can think we lost an hour and others feel”Spring forward”!

My one son is so happy that the days are longer so when he’s coming home from his activities there will be more light.

For me Spring is about movement forward in my life and work. I have been planting the seeds for a long time. Not being the most patient person I am looking forward to seeing the ‘buds on the flowers’ rise and my work coming to fruition. The watering has been more about my mind set, trusting and constantly feeding my vision with positive thoughts and ones of gratitude. Again, not always easy when you are not seeing anything. It comes down to my trust and belief in myself and that things are working out.

For others Spring is about spring cleaning and getting rid of old things- physical and/or mental. Again, I am constantly doing that as well.

It’s also about fixing things up and making things nice. I am going to paint my bathroom when my kids are away for Spring break. I know that this small change (ok not so small!) will have a positive impact. I want to really enjoy my bathroom. I love baths and being in a room that makes me feel good, calm and peaceful is welcome.

Whatever Spring means to you make it meaningful and impacting to you. The energy is supporting this movement forward. I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was good. I saw Spongebob movie with my boys and their friend.

All my love,



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