Children Making A Difference … You Can Be One of Them.

Posted Thursday, July 30th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

I “met” Tess Cacciatore over a year ago and we talked about working with youth and making a difference. Her organization, World Trust Foundation is doing just that. I am still commited however I know that I need to start in Canada and even more local, Toronto.  We will bring our efforts together one day however for now please be aware of her tremendous work.

Today, we have a group of youth who are right now on a plane from Los Angeles to Ghana to attend our Young Leaders Summit. I will be joining them on Monday for a 5 day excursion that will change many lives forever.

I’m working with an extraordinary team to support the Young Leaders Network, who are dedicated to taking these youth and mentoring them for a better future.

In partnership with local US based organizations (Operation of Hope, Hero, Dream Project, and Airline Ambassadors) and working on behalf with local leaders in Ghana, our trip is set to be a ground breaking success.

Check out the Young Leaders and then scroll down to meet Mari and hear what she wants to do to create positive change in the world. You can also read articles on what the youth are saying about the trip, read essays from the winners on what they want to do to change the world. AND MORE!

For the fuller mission and vision go to main site at World Trust .

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