The books you will find in this section are ones that I have read myself, been suggested by people I know, or simply books that seemed intriguing. As with all the topic areas you’ll find on this website, not every suggestion you’ll find listed here will resonate with you or “move you,” but each of them may trigger something in your awareness. A lot of my growth has come from contrast, things that challenged something within me. My intention with this site is to pass along the wisdom that has been shared with me and to remind you TAKE WHAT YOU RESONATE AND LEAVE THE REST.

My Princess Boy
Author: Cheryl Kilodavis
This book is about empowerment and acceptance. This book was referred to me by Heather Feldstein. It is about a boy who likes pretty things – the color pink, sparkly dresses and ballet tutus. The book was written by a mother about her younger son’s uniqueness; for all children that feel left out or misunderstood just because they are different. The mother states, “my goal with this book and sharing my journey is to create a space in this world where children who are different, feel different or express themselves differently, can be accepted for who they are.

My Maasai Life
Author: Robin Wiszowaty
Robin is the Kenya Country Director with Free the Children. She has lived in her “adoptive” country of Kenya for the past 6 years and wrote this best selling book. It is her memoir of a girl who chose to leave behind her comforts to live with an impoverished Maasai family in rural Kenya. This journey shook her place of complacency to unimaginable locales. It changed her life forever. She discovers some of the most remote areas of East Africa and opened herself to diverse issues facing the fascinating Maasai people.

Lessons from a Street Kid
Author: Craig Kielburger
A young Craig discovers the depths of generosity on the streets of Brazil. Starting Free the Children at the age of 12 years old, Craig continued his crusade in Brazil. It was on the streets of Salvador, Brazil, that he learned firsthand stories of street children. The story is about a young child named Jose, played a game of soccer using a plastic bottle as a ball. Jose teaches Craig what the true meaning of selflessness by giving him his prized possession – literally the jersey off his back. This book shows how the universal act of generosity defies borders.

Susan Laughs
Author: Jeanne Willis
Illustrator: Tony Ross
Here is a review by Heather Feldstein: “This book is perfect for all children, though it does read like a younger kids’ book. The book reads very simply, with only a few words per page. The rhythm of the text is short and rhyming and simple. The message, while you really need to wait to the last page, is powerful and unexpected. A really great book that beautifully and powerfully shows that even children with special needs are just like us. Susan is a girl in a wheelchair, though we don’t see that until the last page. The book goes through all this things that Susan CAN DO – laugh, sing, and so on.

The Sister’s Club:
Cloudy with A Chance Of Boys

Author: Megan McDonald
This is a story of 3 sisters: Stevie, Alex and Joey who have different opinions on boy friends. There is humour and laughter. Recommended for girls between 10-13 years of age.

Bartleby Speaks
Authors: Robin Cruise & Kevin Hawkes
What is the role of a parent? .. many parents feel they are responsible for their children and if a child doesn’t meet a certain milestone, especially at a young age, then we have failed as parents. We must keep in mind that our children have their own path and will do things in their own time, or not. This books really highlights this with the characters. Heather Feldstein,, has this to say about the book:
Here’s a book that I am excited to share with you! This story is about a little boy named Bartleby, who doesn’t speak. His family worries and frets and does everything short of standing on their heads, to get Bartleby to speak. Finally on his third birthday, Bartleby speaks, and what he has to say, speaks volumes! Please check out her site for more.

Author: Marsha Jacobson
Marsha Jacobson has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.  Her passion is children and impacting their lives. Her work focuses on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  This book is the first of a series called the FEEL EASE series. Please go to her website, to find out more!

Tiger-Tiger Is It True?
Authors: Byron Katie and Hans Wilhelm
It is a story about a little tiger who thinks that his whole world is falling apart: his parents don’t love him, his friends have abandoned him, and life is unfair. But a wise turtle asks him 4 questions, and everything changes. He realizes that all his problems are not caused by things, but by his thoughts about things: and that when he questions his thoughts, life becomes wonderful again.

You Can Do It
Author: Tony Dungy
Here is a review that I picked up: “Enjoyable and inspiring reading. A touching story of finding and following your “dream” career is provided in this book. It has detailed and engaging illustrations. A great book for young readers, it will encourage exploring various careers and finding one suited for each individual. The last page says, “I’m glad I had parents that helped us to dream. I’m glad they taught us to pray about things that were on our mind,” these statements were thought provoking. Enjoyed this book and will remember it in my heart.” As parents we bury our dreams … teach your children that they can do anything that they put their mind to it.

It’s Not What You’ve Got!
Lessons for kids on Money
and Abundance

Authors: Dr. Wayne Dyer and Kristina Tracy
This book teaches and inspires kids to hold onto the “no limit” thinking Dr. Wayne Dyer believes they were born with and soar. It is about learning to love yourself and in doing so receive – abundance!

Exactly As I am
Author: Shaun Robinson
This book is aimed at teenage girls. It tells stories about famous people who have been through their own trials and tribulations (crap!) and what it takes to love yourself.  I love the premise and title of this book. I hope that parents suggest this to their daughters.

Mama, I Need Snuggles
Author: Jennifer Tutwiler
This book was inspired by the author’s own children (4 of them!).  It’s magic lies in the simplicity and honesty of the richly warming story and illustrations.  This book draws on her own experience to create a realistic and loving portrait of motherhood. The story focuses on the relationship between a young boy and his mother and their loving bond between mother and child.

Hope Is An Open Heart
Author: Lauren Thompson
I had the opportunity to read this book while registering my children at their new school. It is a beautiful book and I do recommend it. It is a great book to sit down and read with your younger children.

The Black & White Rainbow
Author: John Trent
This is a book that my older son and I read. I had no idea it had such a profound message. We both really loved it. The premise is that all the colour in the mice’s land was gone and in order to get it back there were four big secrets of Blessings: SAYING kind things, SERVING others, SHARING and FORGIVING, the greatest Blessing of all.  Read this with your children and then you can talk about it. 

12 Heros Parmi Nous: Une Rencontreinoubliable
Avec Celine Dion/12 Heroes Among US:
A Special Day with Celine Dion

This book was compiled by the Reseau Familles d’aujourd’hui  (an information network for health, education and other family matters) organization – it tells the story of 12 children from around the world.  Each article recounted the details of the tragedy they lived through, as well as the strength and courage they’ve displayed in order to survive.  All proceeds from this book go to various children’s charities in which the singer in involved.  I feel it is important for our children to see that we can overcome any obstacle.  You may want to share this with them.
Here is a link from the show:

The English Roses
Author: Madonna
I had a chance to read this book to my boys. I really liked the lesson. The graphics are wonderful and colourful. The children really enjoyed this book. There is a good message for kids about jealousy. Madonna along with Jeffrey Fulvimari has created other books. You can get the collection by going to

The Wump World
Author: Bill Peet
This book was first published in 1970. My son brought it home from the library one day from school and it is an amazing book about planet earth and what we humans have done with our planet. It is a great teaching and awareness book for children and can stimulate a lot of conversation around this topic. I highly recommend this book.


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