Chinese New Year: Year of the Goat/Ram – February 19th

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As I am born in 1967 it is “my birth year to celebrate” according to the Chinese New Year calendar: The year of the Goat/Ram/Sheep (depends on your translation of “yang” and which country you are from.

Here are some of the details I gathered:

Goat or sheep
The Chinese word yáng refers both to goats and sheep, with shānyáng specifically goats and miányáng sheep. In English, the sign may be called either. The interpretation of sheep or goat depends on culture. In Vietnamese, the sign is mui, which is unambiguously goat. In Japan, on the other hand, the sign is hitsuji, sheep; while Koreans also use ram.

Individuals born in this zodiac year have been supposed to share certain characteristics with other individuals also born in years of the same animal sign. Similarly, years sharing the same animal sign have been supposed to share certain characteristics, repeating over their 12/60 year cycle. The shared characteristics in this case are traits attributed to Goats.

Due to the luni-solar nature of the traditional Chinese calendar system, the “zodiacal” year does not align with the Western calendar: new years are determined by a system which results in each new year beginning on a new moon sometime between late January to mid-to-late February. Goat aspects can also enter by other chronomantic factors or measures, such as hourly.

In Chinese astrology Goats are described as loving-peace and “kind” and “popular”. With the addition of the wood element, the Goat characteristic is thought to love peace and to be helpful and trusting, but yet also to be “clinging” and of a nature resistant to change.

It turns out I am of the fire goat. I do align with much of what I found however not all.

One of the characteristics of goats is that it is able to survive in harsh conditions. While I am a survivor I also choose to “live” my life and be grateful for all that is in my life. As we have all come off a harsh 2014 year we have all learned how to survive. Now it’s time to thrive and spread our wings.

Even when we do this there is “life” to deal with. A dear friend, and my brother’s girlfriend, just lost her father rather suddenly. My heart goes out to her and her family. And while she will be in the throws of surviving and dealing with this tragedy I hope that I can help her “live” as well. I know her children and my brother will help her do that.

While life will still throw us curve balls, we as humans are survivors. We can take that one step further and really learn to love one another, find peace for our world, and make this earth one of joy. That is my “fire” goat sign talking.

Like all horoscopes I have taken what I resonate with and believe and have left the rest. I am in charge of my life and the seeds I plant to come to fruition.

For those celebrating the Chinese New Year I wish you and your family all the best.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. If you are experiencing the cold weather we are…bundle up.

How could I forget….. I want to wish a Happy Valentines to everyone. Whatever your relationship status there is a valentine in your life and that is YOU. Celebrate you, honour you and know that only you COMPLETE you! The partner, lover, friend is a bonus to reflect how wonderful you treat and love yourself!

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