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I have turned to a number of women in my life and asked them to share some of their own wisdom that has made a difference in their life. Last week I talked about LIFE IS ABOUT CHOICES. When we begin to love and honour ourselves we begin to change from within affecting our external world/relationships. I find that learning to be present and in the moment allow me to truly enjoy that moment or to focus on what I need to do. Even with all the work I knew I had today, I chose to spend the day with my children on a school trip and when I was with them, 100% of my focus was on them and their smiles and laughter.

Please see a blog written by a dear friend, Mary Montanari:

There seems to be so much change going on these days. People are feeling confused and do not know who to trust. But this is all part of the Divine plan. We are in the process of a very powerful ascension and there is no turning back, we have been planning for this for thousands of years and the time has arrived. The old ways of things are changing and it is for the good of all.
These feelings of fear and anger are about to move through us and will be replaced with love and forgiveness.
The best part is that you do not have to do a thing just stay present. Yes that is the answer. For it is by staying present that nothing can be lost, forgotten or misunderstood. For many individuals this may be a very difficuilt task. The average person has been trained to over think and analyzes everything from very early on in their lives. Not too mention worrying about yesterday and tomorrow.

Now I want you to sit back and remember all the times you worried about something and then ask yourself what happened. Did the problem get resolved? Did all the worrying really help or did it seem like it took away some of your energy?

Back in the 1800’s, the Masters channeled Dr. Usui and he was able to create this wonderful prayer:

Just for today…I will not get angry
Just for today…I will not worry
Just for today…I will earn a living honestly and decently
Just for today…I will be grateful
Just for today…I will show love and respect for every form of life

Now take the challenge and try waking up one day and live this lifestyle.
It may be challenging at first but one thing is for sure you will start to pay a lot more attention to your actions and words. Hence you will become aware and present. Just being aware of what is happening right in front of you will enable you to understand and even cherish that moment. It could be as simple as driving your car. You may notice things like trees, hear birds sing and smell fresh baked bread. All your senses become heightened. These items, which one may have experienced before, but are now more aware of. It is during these moments when you are connected to the Universe. One may even receive an answer to a difficult problem they have been trying so hard to solve. You may even start to feel a strange feeling. Something you may have not felt before in this lifetime … inner peace. Now is that not worth trying?

The present is truly that. A present from God. Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow has not arrived. But today is our present. I really believe in this and work each day as if it were my last. This way, I enjoy it and express it. I also give thanks to God at the end of each day and forgive myself before I sleep. This way I awake with another new day head of me.

So then, is the world going crazy right now? Yes. Is there something we can do?
Yes. Just take the challenge and make a difference. It is not so much about world peace first but rather personal peace. The rest just flows.

Mary Montanari
Angel Therapist Practioner
Angel Therapy Mediumship
Reiki Master


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