Closing one door to open another….

Posted Thursday, October 16th, 2014. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I know that I am not the only one dealing with doors closing and opening. The last few years has been a tremendous time for me. I know that nothing is static and change is the norm. I can handle change however when it becomes overwhelming then it’s another story.

We learn how strong we are when facing this type of situation. The last 8 months has forced me to deal with some very personal things. During this journey I have made decisions to close certain doors and the beautiful thing is watching other doors open.

So today I put aside my work — just for now — so I can deal with my present. My work still lives in me and my wonderful supporters remind me that I will bring it into the next leg of what I do. I still have certain dreams that I want to accomplish. I remind myself that letting go of the outcome can potentially bring my dreams in a totally different way than I imagined.

So, I put aside my work — close a door or shut it slightly — and I watch as light peaks through another door. Patience will be my friend. Not my greatest strength.

For those who might be dealing with change and doors closing I empathize. All I can offer is my support and tell you is that when you can let go of a door closing watch and see what opportunities present themselves. Please find a really good support group to help you through these times. They are the ones that lift you up, the ones who unconditionally love you and will stand beside you no matter what.

I know that it be seem scary; for some it’s exciting. Embrace the uncertainty and enjoy the ride.

I hope I helped even one of you feel better about where you are in your life. Six months or a year from now when you look back I want you to smile and laugh and say, “All is good”.

I want to wish every one a wonderful weekend. I love this time of year (Fall) watching the leaves changing colours.

Get out and enjoy!

All my love,


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