Confessions of a pharmaceutical executive

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I put this in the corporate tips and tools section because the pharmaceutical industry is a business. Do not be fooled. As a business it is in your best interest to be honest and transparent with your customers and clients. The sad part is that the “clients/customers” of the pharmaceutical industry really believe that they are taking their prescribed medicine to help them get better and find a cure.

To me, if you want your health and wellness, you MUST heal. From healing comes the cure and it is different for each person; no two people are alike.

Some people may not like this video and that’s ok. Some people may not agree with this video and that’s ok.

I am NOT telling you DO NOT take your pills or medicine. Please do. I am just saying that getting to the root of your issues means acknowledge the issue(s), embrace the emotion that comes from this issue(s) and then find forgiveness if need be …. then let it go.

Hopefully you and your physician can work together to find the best balance for you with regard to your medicine. There are some people, with the assistance of their physician, have been able to reduce and even eliminate medication. Then there are some people that will require a certain medicine for the rest of their lives but with the help of their physician have been able to minimize the amount/levels.

I present this video and give no advice except to provide you with one woman’s view of the pharmaceutical industry:

Confessions of a pharmaceutical executive

One thing I can say for sure is that in this day and age, transparency is key and because of social media people are questioning and sharing more information than ever. No business or practice is impervious.

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