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Posted Tuesday, April 6th, 2010. Filed Under Corporate - Tips/Tools Blog

I am excited to offer this new section – tips and tools blog. What you will gain from this section can be applied in the business world and most certainly in your other relationships. What we need to remember is that the first and most important relationship is the one with ourselves. The more that we learn to grow from within, the more our businesses and careers will grow.

I have reached out to a number of business people from various corporate backgrounds and asked them to share with you their insight, knowledge and awareness. Some will seem more personal as I said, and other tips/tools will be steps to … action that you can incorporate and take into your own business lives. As always, take what resonates and make it YOUR OWN. This is important in a world where we seem to be grooming people to think and behave the same way. You want to create your identity, who you are! Be authentic to WHO YOU ARE.


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