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People do not buy what you do rather WHY you do it. When people are connected to your purpose and Y they will purchase your product or service. According Simon Sinek, in his Ted Talk How great leaders inspire action (posted May 2010) he says that most companies and people fail because they do not know their “Y”; the heart of their business. This is evident in the way they market – from the outside in (what, how, why) versus the leaders who inspire action – who market from the inside out (why, how, what. What companies must come to realize is that people make decisions based on emotion and connecting to the purpose or why. The “what and how” are more for the analytical part of the mind – relate to features and benefits.

Getting to your purpose or Y takes clarity and awareness. It is the ability to step back and ask, “Is our mission and vision statement true? Are we walking our talk?” This is what has inspired the show the Undercover Boss/Undercover Boss Canada, in which the CEO and/or owner or member of the senior team, will go undercover within their own organization to see what is really happening within. Are the objectives being met? Are the employees happy, inspired, engaged and motivated? Where can we improve?

Why is this important now? By positioning yourself in the market as a leader who knows their purpose, beliefs and Y you can truly focus on your target market/customer base. It will not only attract customers who believe what you believe rather also attract future employees. In a time where there is looming labour shortage for certain industries, it is critical to be clear of your purpose and Y and have this reflected in every aspect of your presence – both internally: your mission, vision statement, marketing/communication material, and most notably, your employee program AND externally: your online presence (website and social media), and your relationships and partnerships.

How? It starts with creating an environment built on transparency, walking your talk, leadership style and organizational structure, employee engagement, team work and collaboration, innovation and creativity, health and wellness, being accountable, corporate social responsibility and giving back. I am talking about your CORPORATE CULTURE.

Your corporate culture is your brand; it is who you are. I have devised a Corporate Culture Branding and Identity analysis program that will assist you in gaining your clarity and awareness, purpose and Y. Learn more how we can work together to achieve your desired results.


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  1. Lynn Knowles on April 13th, 2010 4:35 pm

    After more than a decade of working in the corporate world and another seven years working in a family owned business, I have learned some simple truths. It is these truths that guide me always in my day to day operation of my business. Technology has changed over the years. I have a better and faster computer than I did five or ten years ago. My philosophy on running a business, though, has not changed over the years. Here are the simple truths that I remind myself of every day before getting up to “go to work” in my home office:

    -Customers want to be treated with respect and dignity.

    -Customers want to be heard and understood.

    -Many customers are focused on quality. They want a product that lasts. They want excellence in service.

    Whether we are installing a flat panel TV or servicing one of our security alarm customers, these are the values we bring to our business.

    In Sandra Finkelstein, I see that commitment and pride that she puts into her business as she empowers people in the corporate world to find the value in themselves, their co-workers, their employees, their managers and ultimately in their customers.


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