Corporate Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? This is a term that many use however not many corporations truly understand. There are some, like Microsoft and the Bill Gates Foundation, that epitomize CSR.

Most businesses and companies provide isolated acts of charity – donating money to a cause, buying a corporate table to raise money for a cause, or buying a 4-some for a golf tournament. While some of the money will go to the cause and the other portion to cover the cost of the event and/or administration THIS IS NOT EXPRESSIONS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.

I have turned my attention to an emerging market which understands the difference between the two: INDIA. According to Meetra Mitra, CSR expert, he says, “the term describes the involvement of businesses in developmental initiatives that can help the country become a global economic power. CSR has also become part of a drive to incorporate ethical values in business development. It encompasses setting aside a share of profit for community service and adoption of a clear code of buisness ethics.” In India, surveys show that over 80% of companies have adopted CSR. It takes different forms for different companies – it can be small yet impactful.

Here are a few examples:
* Wipro and NIIT focus on education
* the Infosys Foundation targets infrastructures for the marginalized
* Industry chamber FICCI has set up the Aditya Birla Centre for Excellence in CSR

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