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Allstate Canada Group (ACG): (Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, Pembridge Insurance Company and Pafco Insurance Company): Project – I was hired to make recommendations on how to increase millennial motivation and engagement within ACG. Through focus groups and one-on-ones a sample number of millennial employee representatives from all the departments within ACG met over a two-day period either in a focus group setting or one-on-one to answer an approved set of questions dealing with the company, motivation and engagement. From these meetings a 172 page report was produced which included an executive summary, objective, modality, key findings, observations/conclusions and short-term, mid-term and long-term recommendations as well as the back-end (employee answers kept confidential by a numbering system). This report was provided to Jim Allin, Director, Corporate Learning & Organization Development, ACG. This is what Jim had to say about my work:
Hi Sandra, thanks again for all of the work you’ve done with our Millennial group. It’s been helpful in better understanding that group, and given us some insight. I was asked to provide an overview to the leadership team of the data at a meeting the other day, which I was able to do from your re-caps. Thanks. A lot of good questions and some good discussion occurred. Although no formal decisions were made re: next steps, we will be using the information to plan them soon.”
Jim Allin
Director, Corporate Learning & Organization Development
Allstate Canada Group

First Service Brokers (FSB): Project- FSB chose a few areas to focus on with the primary focus on clearly defining their mission statement, purpose and Y and have this message clearly stated throughout their website. I took a liaison role between FSB and their web designer working with both to help with layout, colours, pictures, and wrote all pages for the site, including the mission statement (all pages approved by client). Here is what FSB has to say about my work:
I can’t say enough about our experience working with 2Bempowered, Sandra was able to breathe life into our ideas. Sandra’s creativity, knowledge of design, and commitment to knowing our Corporate Culture , allowed for our Website to be a true reflection of who we are.
Thank you so much Sandra, for taking our vision and making it happen! Everyone that visits our website, has nothing but compliments. It is a wonderful depiction of who we are as a Company, and what we are all about.

Kim Le Mesurier, Office Supervisor, First Service Brokers Ltd.,Financial Service Brokers Ltd.

Radiance Designs: Project – I re-wrote all the pages of Lucie’s website. I instructed her on layout of the words (not with design), font choice and to change the picture on her site to be more reflective of her work. Here is what Lucie Fortin has to say about my work:
Sandra takes you through a discovery process where she helps you express the essence of your life purpose.
She knows how to articulate one’s personal story in a heartfelt and authentic way. Sandra is a talented and genuine coach
Lucie Fortin | Interior Design

As a mortgage broker, and owner of my own company, I rely on my client base for return business, referral business and the marketing for new clients. My work with Sandra from has shown me how I can differentiate myself by being my authentic self, serving my clients’ needs with integrity, honesty and compassion and at the same time be firm and state my value. This has allowed me to focus my business on my core values: honouring the individual and unique needs of my clients.
Sandra’s empowerment work has assisted me in my personal life as well. In fact, I understand that my life lessons are also my work lessons and vice versa. This has allowed me to grow personally which has positively impacted my business.
Thank you Sandra,, for your help

Mark Lee
Maple Leaf Mortgages

After more than a decade of working in the corporate world and another seven years working in a family owned business, I have learned some simple truths. It is these truths that guide me always in my day to day operation of my business. Technology has changed over the years. I have a better and faster computer than I did five or ten years ago. My philosophy on running a business, though, has not changed over the years. Here are the simple truths that I remind myself of every day before getting up to “go to work” in my home office:

-Customers want to be treated with respect and dignity.
-Customers want to be heard and understood.
-Many customers are focused on quality. They want a product that lasts. They want excellence in service.

Whether we are installing a flat panel TV or servicing one of our security alarm customers, these are the values we bring to our business.

In Sandra Finkelstein, I see that commitment and pride that she puts into her business as she empowers people in the corporate world to find the value in themselves, their co-workers, their employees, their managers and ultimately in their customers.

Lynn Knowles
Safe and Secure Security

I was very intrigued by Sandra’s theme of “letting go” at her recent workshop. Who among us has not struggled to extricate ourselves from past hurtful events?
What occurred to me after attending Sandra’s workshop, is that she is very skilled at addressing both the universal and the specific, with respect to human behaviour. While giving us a very clear-cut picture of how the holding in of feelings affects our beings in the physical, emotional as well as spiritual realm, at the same time, she was able to individualize the message in a very clear manner, for each of the participants. I felt certain that each person had come away feeling that the messages were designed especially for her!
Sandra also created a wonderful balance between the output of meaningful material, and the input from the group members. Because the information was presented in a visual, tactile and verbal manner, the ensuing comments and discussion were most relevant and thought provoking.
Sandra’s soft-spoken, well-modulated voice, as well as her empathic and caring manner, made it a most worthwhile evening, one that I certainly hope to participate in again!

Bonnie Tepperman, Pilate Instructor

I found Sandra’s workshop about Empowerment very practical. It was an energizing evening and Sandra brought the group together to work as a team, where we were able to help one another learn about and practice various empowerment tools. I appreciated that the evening was experientially based, which really helped me to understand the value of using these methods to stay grounded in difficult situations. The 5 tools that she recommends are all easy to use and will help me to feel increased endurance in my day to day life.

Kathryn – teacher

Thank you again for a very “empowering” evening.
You facilitate and lead by example.
The group was intimate and quite open and authentic.
I hugged myself today, also Shirl really liked the self-hug as well.
Looking forward to collaborating together soon!

Mitch Gordon, Corporate Executive Coach

Sandra, I absolutely love what you stand for and love your site too. We
need more women like you. I certainly enjoyed reading some of the
articles and would like to get more involved in this. With the new year
comes change. I am a wife, a mother, and a career woman. From the
outside looking in it would seem like I have it all, but I feel empty
inside. I feel like I’ve lost myself as a women and my life revolves
around my husband and children. Don’t get me wrong, I love them dearly.
However I want to find myself again. I think your site is the beginning
of this journey for me.

Thank You



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