Corporate Culture Branding and Identity Program & Employee Motivation and Engagement

In order to build a strong corporate culture with a long-term objective you must first understand where you are at. In order to do so, it takes self-evaluation and asking yourself questions such as: Is my mission and vision statement a reflection of who we are? Does my website reflect this and also express who we are, our purpose and Y (value proposition) as well as the areas that differentiate our product or service from our competitors? Are our employees engaged, motivated and inspired? Is this reflected in our hiring process and seen in retention? How do we instil and support creativity and innovation?” The list of questions are endless.

The corporate culture branding and identity program analyses 6 areas in order to determine your current corporate culture. My intention is to create clarity and to ensure that there is a consistent message stated that reinforces your mission, purpose, beliefs and Y in each area.

1. What is your mission and vision statement – Are people aware of it? Are you walking your talk? Do your employees and customers/clients feel you are true to your mission and vision statement?

2. On-line presence: website and social media presence – The website is often your first line of communication with potential employees and customers. Is your website reflecting who you are? Does it give a good sense of your corporate culture? Will people want to be part of this team? Do you get a good feeling from this site – is it engaging, inviting and exciting? OR is it hard to navigate, sterile and non-engaging? From what you read, is this a place you want to work? Do I align with the vision and mission of the company? Where can I create value?
On-line presence: What are people saying about the company? Is it positive? Is it negative? Are people saying anything? Is the company participating in relevant discussions? Are you spreading yourself thin by being involved in groups and discussions where only a few align with your purpose, belief, Y and vision.

3. Marketing and Sales material – Is the message consistent and clear and stated in each and every marketing and communication piece? Is this message being reinforced in other areas of the company? Are all employees aware of the message? It is imperative that those on the ‘front line’ be expressing the same message as those who are meeting with clients or potential customers.

4. Employee and corporate programs (engaging your employees) – What programs are in place that are engaging and inspiring the employees to be an integral part of the team? Does the company support growth and development? What is the organizational flow of the company? Is feedback welcome?

5. Hiring practices and Retention -who are you attracting to your business? What hiring practices does the company use? Is the mission and vision statement clearly expressed in the interview process? Is there high turnover? Do people stay with this company for many years and highly recommend the company? Is there room for growth? What are the criteria for hiring? Is knowledge and experience more important than fitting into the corporate culture? Is there a fit?

6. Industry recognition and awareness – as well people who want to collaborate and work with you. Do you present a corporate culture that other companies in the industry or related industry want to be part of and collaborate on projects? Are you a leader in your industry? Do you drive innovation? How are you perceived?

Breaking down the 6 areas in steps or stages
Depending on your needs, we can choose to focus on one or more area at a time. The project can be broken into phases according to your needs and budget. I have created a proprietary questionnaire, one directed to the CEO, owner or leaders of a company and another directed to the employees. The questionnaires help with the analysis of where you are at. I will provide the results of the analysis along with suggestions, based on individual needs where you want to be. From there we can determine the best course to meet your desired outcome.

Millennial/Employee Engagement and Motivation- Focus Groups and one-on-ones:
Researching the youth market post-recession and writing my book We’re Not Gonna Take It a youth’s toolbag of essential life skills for transitioning from high school to post-secondary education to the workplace I have gained expertise and knowledge specific to this group and the Generation Z to follow. As a leader in millennial motivation and engagement I evaluate through use of the tool, focus group and one-on-one, on how to bridge the gap(s) between the different generations, look at different motivation and engagement strategies and how to integrate the groups while transferring knowledge between the generations (mentor up, mentor down). As part of corporate culture branding companies today need to ensure they have a motivated and engaged workplace in order to sustain, retain and grow for future success and more importantly compete on a world level whereby world-sourcing for top talent is prevalent.

COST: each project is priced separately and budgets are worked within.

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Allstate Canada Group: ACG (Allstate Insurance Company of Canada, Pembridge Insurance Company and Pafco Insurance Company): Project – I was hired to make recommendations on how to increase millennial motivation and engagement within ACG. Through focus groups and one-on-ones a sample number of millennial employee representatives from all the departments within ACG met over a two-day period either in a focus group setting or one-on-one to answer an approved set of questions dealing with the company, motivation and engagement. From these meetings a 172 page report was produced which included an executive summary, objective, modality, key findings, observations/conclusions and short-term, mid-term and long-term recommendations as well as the back-end (employee answers kept confidential by a numbering system). This report was provided to Jim Allin, Director, Corporate Learning & Organization Development, ACG. This is what Jim had to say about my work:
Hi Sandra, thanks again for all of the work you’ve done with our Millennial group. It’s been helpful in better understanding that group, and given us some insight. I was asked to provide an overview to the leadership team of the data at a meeting the other day, which I was able to do from your re-caps. Thanks. A lot of good questions and some good discussion occurred. Although no formal decisions were made re: next steps, we will be using the information to plan them soon.

Jim Allin
Director, Corporate Learning & Organization Development
Allstate Canada Group

First Service Brokers (FSB) : Project– FSB chose a few areas to focus on with the primary focus on clearly defining their mission statement, purpose and Y and have this message clearly stated throughout their website. I took a liaison role between FSB and their web designer working with both to help with layout, colours, pictures, and wrote all pages for the site, including the mission statement (all pages approved by client). Here is what FSB has to say about my work:
I can’t say enough about our experience working with 2Bempowered, Sandra was able to breathe life into our ideas. Sandra’s creativity, knowledge of design, and commitment to knowing our Corporate Culture , allowed for our Website to be a true reflection of who we are.
Thank you so much Sandra, for taking our vision and making it happen! Everyone that visits our website, has nothing but compliments. It is a wonderful depiction of who we are as a Company, and what we are all about.

Kim Le Mesurier, Office Supervisor, First Service Brokers Ltd.,Financial Service Brokers Ltd.

Radiance Designs: Project – I re-wrote all the pages of Lucie’s website. I instructed her on layout of the words (not with design), font choice and to change the picture on her site to be more reflective of her work. Here is what Lucie Fortin has to say about my work:
“Sandra takes you through a discovery process where she helps you express the essence of your life purpose.
She knows how to articulate one’s personal story in a heartfelt and authentic way. Sandra is a talented and genuine coach”.

Lucie Fortin | Interior Design


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