As with the recommendations you’ll find in the “Books” section of this website, I realize that not every course or speaker will resonate with you. Nevertheless, it may be in these times of contrast that you will have your greatest “aha!” moments of awareness. Take what resonates with you, and if something doesn’t sit well then let it go.

9 Transformational Conversations

Angelique and Toni Cascio, co-founders of Richer.Smarter.Happier. have a new teleclass program – 9 Transformational Conversations that will unleash your divine magnificence.  Go to:

Women on The Edge of Revolution

Women on The Edge of Revolution – Join in

Women’s Master Fall Teleclass Series

Women’s Master Fall Teleclass Series

BOOT CAMP: Finding Your Authentic Voice

I was introduced to this program by Loren Slocum, acclaimed  author in her own right, to her husband’s and best friend’s program  that she says is incredible. This program is about what it states:  Finding your Authentic Voice and then learning to share it with the  world in a way that will impact, inspire, motivate and empower  others.  I know the importance of sharing and I have learnt that in  order to be my most effective I need to speak my truth from my heart.  When I do this I know people can feel I am being authentic. It is a boot camp for it is intense and I expect life altering. I know that  this may not be for you NOW however be aware of this program and his  work for one day you may want to bring to the world your vision, your passion and/or your cause.  Go to and learn more  about what Shore has to offer.

Picking Up the Pieces

This program local is offered by the Jewish Family and Child Services (JF&CS) organization in Toronto, and is a program for families going through separation and divorce. This program provided me with some great tools (active listening) and knowledge. My children really loved it and helped them deal with our separation. This program in non-denominational and is open to everyone. Contact the JF&CS York Region @ 905-882-2331 or downtown branch @ 416-961-9344.
** For those out of Toronto, take look in your local area for programs that can empower and assist you.

A Course In Miracles

I bought the book and began to study it through a friend at her wellness centre. We covered a page and a half in two hours.  There is so much that can be learned from this text. While I began to study this book years into my journey, I welcome this more mystical study.  Marianne Williamson offers free “classes” through the Oprah site.  Go to and then click “spirit” and you will see the new course for the day as well as Marianne Williamson’s name.  It is through this course that I came to understand that we have a choice to buy into fear or love – have our life directed by love or fear and I choose LOVE.

The Prosperity Game

The Prosperity Game, first introduced by Abraham-Hicks (teachers of Deliberate Creation), is a fun and empowering way to activate one’s ability to create prosperity from the inside out.  Visit the website to find out more about The Prosperity Game. Elyse Hope Killoran hosts a weekly teleclass combining prosperity and spirituality.

Do-It Yourself PR  

This is a time for opportunity. Go to and “meet” Tom Martin, my PR person, who hosts “Do-It-Yourself Public Relations” teleclass and a coaching program. After many years as a television news producer with a number of news organizations including ABC, CBS, and CNN, Tom is now working on his own in the field of public relations.  He specializes in working with authors, public speakers, and experts in the field of health and wellness. I find his work to be insightful and creative. Several times a year he offers a teleclass and coaching program designed to teach people how to achieve great results handling their own PR. For more information visit his website as above or email him at

The “People Pleaser NO
MORE” System

This program, designed by author and motivational speaker Cookie Tuminello of Success Source, was given to me as a gift. I can tell you that being a people pleaser is something that I have been dealing with and working on changing. When we do this we are not following our truth. To take a look at Cookie’s system by going to her site at

Music Therapy  

Music therapy is a fascinating approach to dealing with pain management. One interesting program that caught my attention, is led by music therapist Ronit Azouplay at the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Meditation at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. To check out more please go to website

“My Life Fitness”  

Being a strong believer in the value of approaches that address mind, body and spirit, I am intrigued by the work of Kent Burden, a personal trainer who has incorporated all of three approaches into a fitness program called “My Life Fitness.” Burden is founder of Ventura, a California-based company. The program combines conventional fitness with mind-body modalities. He intersperses weightlifting and interval training with yoga, pilates, meditation and visualization. Take a look at his site: (The website may currently be under construction.)

The First 30 Days  

This is an interesting concept developed by author and coach Ariane de Bonvoisin, who says that it takes approximately 30 to 31 days to change a habit. Check out her website at as well as her YouTube video and see how she has built a very successful business on this very idea.


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