In the November 25th Financial Post article of the National Post, SheBiz opens up financial career possibilities for teenagers, shares how 500 girls from grade 9 to 11 from 10 schools throughout Toronto and surrounding area attend Rotman Business School in Toronto to listen to speakers talk during the annual SheBiz event.

One of the events is a simulation of being in “the pit”; traders taking on the task of exchanging land, labour, capital and market stocks.. all with the intention of trying to diversify a portfolio for their stakeholders.

The simulated trading pit is at the front of a large lecture hall where students have been introduced to many career options for women in business, most specifically in financial areas.

According to Rachel Megitt, chairwoman of SheBiz and a director at RBC Capital Markets, “What SheBiz tries to do is educate young women about the choices that they are making at a high school level so to not close doors in the future.”

SheBiz is an annual event put on by Women in Capital Markets and other sponsors. What is nice is that the tickets are free and draw from a variety of social-economic backgrounds, including one focused on new entrants to Canada.

Part of the impetus from the Women in Finance is to help young women identify early on courses they might need consider certain careers and professions. The objective is to who these young women that even to have the option for finance-related fields down the road, selecting the appropriate courses now is crucial.

The young women meet high level career women, participate in interactive activities and meet current university students from multiple business schools. The outcome was that many of the students who initially ruled out business or finance thinking it is only for the guys/male friends have changed their tune!

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