Decluttering always makes me feel good.

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It’s spring time and most people look to this time to declutter: physically removing stuff in their homes, offices, cottages and so on. I have wanted to declutter my basement for a while – collect the toys, books and arts and crafts that people are not using – and give them to people that can use them; pay it forward. So last weekend I had 3 hours and I did just that. I collected 7 bags of stuff.

I pulled out everything and decided what I wanted to keep and then had the boys go through a pile and decide what they wanted to keep. The irony is that while I was physically removing things I didn’t want from my house I was also emotionally and spiritually decluttering as well. In the past few weeks I have been addressing my core beliefs and which ones I want to keep and which ones I want to discard or hand back to someone else. I also have been focussing on healing and foregiveness; ridding myself of lower energy emotions like anger and sadness. I still have some work to do with frustration.

What has emerged is a clarity and knowing what I want, my purpose, my why in life. This has also been coupled with where I am at in my book writing: corporate culture branding and identity. I just finished a section in my book about how we market and sell – ourselves, our work and product or service. Decluttering my mind has allowed me to see things clearly. One great learning is how I share and sell myself and my work. Like most marketers I used to sell my “features and benefits, what I do” rather than sharing my belief system, my cause, my purpose, and why I do what I do; what impact I want to have on the world; what gets me up every morning so I can fulfill my purpose and passion.

I also know I want to work with people that align with my belief system and support it not just for me but for themselves. I truly understand this.

I am taking this knowledge and going into the corporate world to help companies identify their WHY (most companies know what they do but not why – what is their purpose and drive and it is not the make a profit – that is a result of a transaction).

I realize that my work will challenge CEOs and owners and boards’ belief system. The more I can express that by being clear on your WHY will help shape your corporate culture, the people you attract to your business (employees), sales, and a reason for people to align with their company. It can end up being a “decluttering” and clarifying moment to identify your purpose, why you exist and see this in every aspect of your business or organization. I understand that many will resist so I need to find a way to help them declutter in a way that is non threatening and one they can relate to. I need to reduce fear around the unknown. I truly believe if you want to be a leader who inspires and gets people to act and behave in a certain way, you must know your why. People will buy from you, join your cause and support you because they believe what you believe and not because what you do.

This weekend begin the decluttering process. It will be a journey. Let go of what is no longer you, doesn’t make you feel good or is just a memory and you do not use the item any more. You will begin to strip away layers and get closer to who you are. What items do you want to surround yourself with? The physical will likely seep into the emotional and spiritual if you let it.

You will find your greatest happiness within when you are in truth and authenticity. Be proud of who you are and share that with the world, personally and professionally.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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