Disappointment – Part of Learning

Posted Thursday, November 19th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of youth

I was “empowering” a young man who wanted to apply for a fellowship with a world renowned company. They were accepting 1700 applications and only 100 will be interviewed and from that 100 only 10 will receive an offer for a position.

The odds are pretty tough so how do you shine? I worked with him on the 7 or 8 questions that they provided and it was the day before the application was due. The cutoff time was Tues. Nov. 17th, 2pm London, England time so 9am EST as there is a 5 hour time difference.

I called him to see how it went and received a call back from a very disappointed sounding young man – he made a MISTAKE and had it in his mind that he had until 8pm EST on that Tuesday forgetting that Europe is ahead of us. He missed the cutoff.

I told him definitely go get a drink and use a few choice words to describe his anger, disappointment and frustration at himself and the situation. Honour it and then LET IT GO. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. I told him that all his hard work has not gone to waste — keep his answers for he is applying to Business Schools shortly and some of these answers will be relevant. Also, it has given him an opportunity to fine tune his thoughts, expand and make them shine. It is a great exercise nontheless. It also taught him about being prepared and not waiting until the last minute!

I know it is hard to swallow however in life you will have disappointment and you will need to deal with it – honour it and then let it go. What you may not realize is how something today OR NOT that has happened will be used later in life. Every step along this journey will lead you to something new. I also told him that at this time he is not meant to do this fellowship.

Yes hard to swallow, however it is what it is.

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