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Posted Thursday, September 10th, 2009. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

The past two weeks has been about discerning — I have had many workers come through my new home while I did renovations. Most were men. As I am a divorced mother of two sometimes sharing this is not always the best.

The workmen came in over a number of days if not weeks so I was able to talk with them. Most were really great and I treated them well and for this I received great service.

In one instance, I had my ducts cleaned and one of the workers asked me some personal questions. I am an open person and do not feel I need to hide my situation. That night I started to receive crank calls. I feel it was this person. I called my girl friend and told her what happened and we talked about sharing too much information. She gave me some valuable words to consider.

She told me that this is about taking back our power. That as single, divorced women with children we can choose what we want to share. Even though I am a very open person there are times where I do not need to share. Especially when there is someone coming into my home to do work, a service person, if this person asks a question which I feel is too personal, then I can just NOT respond.  While it seems so simple and it is, I felt that when someone asked me about my circumstance I do not want to lie. We talked about this as well. It is not lying when you choose not to answer. What you are saying in your silence is that THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Wow, a lesson well learned and an awareness noted.  I do like to share however I need to discern if I want to share what is being asked of me. This pertains to everything – personal and professional.

I wanted to share this story for those women out there who have been through what I have or experienced what I have. If you have some words of wisdom please share!

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