Dr. Oz: “The Health Risks I Won’t Take”

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I want to share an article in Oprah’s March 2013 magazine, pg. 70-71.

1. Toothpaste with Triclosan – Science says: Triclosan, an antibacterial agent found in many personal care products, is currently under review by the FDA; animal testing showed reduced levels of thyroid hormones affecting your metabolism; other showed long-term use can increase bacteria’s resistance to antibiotics.

Dr. Oz is avoiding toothpaste with Triclosan until further rulings. Look at the labels to see if there is Triclosan in the product or not.

2. Radiation from Medical Tests– Science says: Just one neck, abdominal, or pelvic CT scan can deliver five times the radiation you are normally exposed to in a year from sunlight, soil and other naturally occurring radioactive materials. CT scan radiation can break the bonds that bind your DNA, introducing errors into your genetic code and potentially leading to cancer.

Dr. Oz keeps an account of his medical history including tests. He only gets the tests and scans that he needs. He keeps track of what scans he does do to reduce the impact of this.

3.Radio-frequency Energy from Cell Phones – Science says: Cells phones emit radio-frequency (RF) energy, a type of radiation deemed “possibly carcinogenic” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It doesn’t have the same strength as the CT scans; it doesn’t break down the bonds of DNA, but tissues near the ear when you are on the phone do absorb it. The medical community doesn’t know the long-term health consequence of cell phone use.

Dr. Oz avoids keeping the phone pressed up against your ear. He uses a speakerphone or a hands-free headset to reduce his RF exposure. He waits until he has a strong cell phone reception to make his calls versus using a weak signal where there is more RF being emitted.

4. Chemicals in unfiltered Drinking Water – Science says: According to the EPA, roughly 74% of public water (in the USA) comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act which ensures that the water coming out of your tap has low levels of certain harmful chemicals and contaminant. There was a three-year study by the Environmental Working Group found that specific chemicals not regulated by the EPA – potentially harmful and in some cases carcinogenic – have been found in higher numbers than recommended in your water. The other issue is using chlorine-based disinfectants often added to your water have been linked to cancers to bladder and colon.

Dr. Oz makes sure his water – and you should too – that he drinks and uses to cook are purified by a filter that attaches to his faucet or water line below the sink. Boiling will get rid of bacteria however adding a filter removes contanminants and heavy metals.

I want to recommend the Pi-Mag water system by Nikken Inc. 1800-669-8859 or go to www.nikken.com. I love it!

5. Ulcer-Causing OTC Painkillers – Science says: According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, over the-counter (OTC) painkillers may increase your risk for peptic ulcers. These drugs inhibit an enzyme that protects the lining of your stomach, leaving it more vulnerable to damage from stomach acid. There was a 2012 study led by researchers at the American Cancer Society found that taking an aspirin a day for five years or more might lower yoru risk of cancer death by 37%. Dr. Oz recommends taking 2 baby aspirin daily for heart health.

Dr. Oz recommends limiting your use of OTC painkillers for aches and pains to once a week. Always try natural remedies first. He says that when he gets a headache it’s usually due to dehydration. He drinks a glass of water. If the headache continues 30 minutes later he’ll take medicine. For chronic muscle pain or arthritis he recommends capsaicin cream. Ginger, another option, has been shown to fight both inflammation and pain within 24 hours; take half an inch of ginger and put it into your tea for a soothing, refreshing drink.

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