Scar Project – women who have dealt with breast cancer and share from a different light. This is a beautiful piece that was shown on the Passionate Eye.

Dianna Cohen on Ted Talks: Tough Truths About Plastic Pollution

Stacey Kramer: The Best Gift I Ever Survived

Four Years To Make A Difference — This is an awe inspiring video about what we can do as people in the next four years!  It’s time to do our part.

The Peaceful Warrior — true story/Novel by Dan Millman This is an incredible story of one young man’s journey. It is not “a-typical” to others out there. It reminds us to be in the moment and to enjoy the journey. I loved this movie and highly recommend it.

Eco Themed Movies:

  • The Road – based on Cormack McCarthy’s novel and starring Charlize Theron, this one’s set in a world likely destroyed by eco-damage; it’s a dark, affecting adventure story that also follows the relationship between a dad and his son. Opens Nov. 25.
  • Coal Country – out this week and now airing on Planet Green, this film follows coal miners and the environmentalists who are fighting against mountaintop removal.
  • Crude – this documentary-slash-legal thriller about the battle over Amazon drilling rights will no doubt get you fired up for alternative transportation. Now playing in limited release.
  • Fresh – a little more hopeful than Food, Inc., this docu features interviews with heavy hitters (like MacArthur Genius award-winner Will Allen) inside the local and organic farming movement. Now playing in limited release.
  • Avatar – the latest action flick from the director of Titanic fuses live action with animation, and has an anti-strip mining message; starring Star Trek’sZoe Saldana and Terminator Salvation’s Sam Worthington. Opens Dec. 18.

Think Peace: Portrait of a 21st Century Movement – I really enjoyed watching this.  In this documentary you will see people from all over the world, some very influential people working for peace – living it!  Go to www.thinkpeacemovie.com.

Recommend documentary: Unmistaken Child: Faith &Recognition

The Freedom Writers – This is an incredible story of a “new” teacher that did not take no for an answer, challenged the “system”, and brought hope, faith and empowerment to a children that no one seemed to care about. I love this movie and HIGHLY RECOMMEND especially to the younger generation. To learn more about the REAL Freedom Writers go to this website.

Planet Earth/Blue Planet – These are two documentaries that need to be shared with our children – take a look at our beautiful planet; the one the children will help preserve. To purchase go to amazon.ca

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao – I loved watching this video. I love the teaching style of Dr. Wayne Dyer. I highly recommend this video. Go to his website at www.drwaynedyer.com.  I just noticed that his newest dvd – Ambition to Meaning: Finding One’s Life Purpose is available online to watch in its entirety:  Check out this site. http://www.ambitiontomeaning.com/store/stream.

www.youcanhealyourlifemovie.com – I am a HUGE fan of Louise Hay and for those that do not have time to read the book right away here is an option. While I still recommend that you read the book for I love this book, it is a good starting point. Learn to unconditionally love yourself and begin to find your truth and worthiness.

Paper Clips – this documentary takes place in the Southern US in the small rural town of Whitwell, Tennessee. The townspeople are primarily white Protestant with little to no diversity.  Two eighth grade school teachers recognized the importance of teaching children about tolerance, acceptance and compassion for others or those that are different.  This led to the study of the Holocaust, a time of heightened intolerance, which led to the death of 6 million Jews and five million others that did not fit into the Aryan stereotype.  The children of this town are the most important participants in this journey towards a greater understanding. Inspired and encouraged by the teachers, the young students of this rural town collected one paper clip for every life lost in the Holocaust – ultimately collecting 30 million paper clips. In establishing a moving memorial, the young children demonstrated the power of compassion and hope, and possibility that peace really can be achieved. I would go so far as to say it is the youth that drives the process of growth, transformation and learning, and the youth who will break these cycles of hatred and intolerance which have spanned many generations.  There is not a person in this small Tennessee town that has not been impacted. Go to www.paperclipsmovie.com. I encourage people of all ages to see this movie. I was moved and inspired by this work. I know that schools from Canada have put together their own projects to make a difference.

http://www.appreciationmovie.com/land.html – This is a short movie on appreciation. I really love this short inspirational reminder about love – loving ourselves and loving others.

www.soulmastersmovie.com – I was able to see this movie in Toronto, hosted by Dr. Sha. I really enjoyed it. Dr. Sha is trained both in western medicine as well as traditional Chinese Medicine. This movie shows his various methods and techniques as well as his center in China. For those open to alternative ways or just want to be aware of what is available out there please take a look.


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