Why does Mother’s day have to be only once a year… can we not celebrate and honour ourselves each day? In North America in particular, we seem to need an excuse to enjoy life and celebrate it. There is a scene in the movie from Eat, Pray, Love where Julia Roberts character, Elizabeth, is in Italy at a barber shop and these Italian men are taunting and making “light” of the American way of enjoying life. One of the Italian men says, “That Americans need an excuse to relax and enjoy life… we kill ourselves in work all week to come home on the weekend exhausted and then grab a beer/wine/drink and drink to the point of being drunk..wake up with a hangover.” Is that enjoying life?? Now this is a rather extreme example however it does bring to light and my point that we can find enjoyment every day; we can love and honour ourselves every day without a reason or excuse. It can be, it is.

As a mother, I am definitely one of those woman who is very hard on herself. I am learning to cut myself a break and to be much kinder to myself. In my work, I teach about unconditionally loving and honouring ourselves, and I tell my clients it begins with baby steps. One of the hardest exercises that I do and I have friends that use this as well, is having my client (you can do this at home!) look in the mirror and tell me what they see and how they feel when they see “the picture” in front on them.

What stories do you tell yourself about this person? Are they true or is it a story that has been told to you over and over again about you but in your heart it is not the truth. Or have you come to an awareness about this person, yourself, and allowed yourself to forgive and let go? Please know that our stories are just that stories and at any time we can change that story to be more in alignment with who we are.

I want every mother to really enjoy this day. Be fully in the moment. If there is something that you do not want to do that day and it is not critical to changing the plan, then please do so. Be true to your heart and follow it.

My son says, girls are so different from boys .. and I say, thank goodness for that. I know that I can be strong and speak my truth while at the same time as being kind and nurturing to myself and others. I know that I am allowed to be happy and thus choose to do so.

This Mother’s Day I am giving myself a special gift to myself. It won’t mean anything to you however for me it is significant and has such meaning. I will love whatever my boys do or give me. I do not need Mother’s Day to know that they care and love me. Every day when I get a hug or I love you .. that is enough. All the rest is “gravy”.

Enjoy this weekend … let someone know they care and that can include the grandmother’s, aunts, sisters, cousins and so on.

All my love,


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