I have been reading more and more articles on Fair-Trade Rates. One company, A Peace Treaty, has a mission to provide steady work at above-fair-trade rates for disadvantaged artisans (mostly women).

These artisans of the disadvantaged countries want to improve their standard of living, take back their power and begin to direct their own lives – make good choices for them and their families. Two women, 31 year old, Farah Malik, and 30 year old, Dana Arbib, both from New York City are doing just that. Their company delivers handcrafted high style while providing a better life for women artisans in troubled regions of the world.

You can find silk scarves crafted by Afghani widows, cashmere wraps from a women’s co-op in Nepal, jewellery hammered by Kurdish refugees in Turkey… and so much more. A Peace Treaty.

What I find fascinating is how these women have transcended their political and cultural difference – one is a Libyan Jew and the other A Pakistani Muslim – to come together and make a difference in the world.

I just finished a meeting with a mentor and he kept referring to “bottom line profit” – he tells me that is all companies are concerned with. Yes profit/bottom line is important however there is a shift happening in the corporate world – there is a new breed of employee emerging – the youth – one that is not driven solely by money and profit – rather they want to earn money AND make a difference in the world/their communities: a win/win for all parties.

Corporations will be wise to know the trends that will impact their companies in the coming decade:

* a labour shortage which will open up opportunity for the most talented and sought after to “name their price”
* retaining those that work for you now and supplement with new incoming talent.
* the youth will not work 24/7 – they want a work/life balance and will accept less money to do so
* the youth want to work in creative and innovative environments
* the youth are more inspired by companies that “walk their talk” and know who they are/are aligned with their mission and vision statements
* they will question and push the status quo

How long will it take for companies to realize that the more aligned your corporate mission and vision statement is to how your operate your business, “walk your talk” internally and with clients/customers – the greater your success is- PROFITS! There is a natural flow to your business: building relationships, communication, teamwork, overcoming obstacles, respect, and meeting the needs of your clients.

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