Fear Creates a Swinging Pendulum

Posted Thursday, September 22nd, 2011. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

We spend our entire lives seeking balance. To be in balance means different things to different people. For me being in balance means balance within (peace) and without (all my relationships: self, significant other, family, children, finances, health and so on).

It also means that I learn to respond and not react. When I react it is usually driven from my ego: fear and illusion. I allow my head to talk me into an action that is not necessarily the truth of who I am. Rather, I am acting on an emotion. Following your heart and being emotional is not the same.

What we are seeing today is people reacting and being emotional, especially where the markets are concerned. Rather than stepping back and responding to the market, many people are selling everything because they are scared of what is going to happen. This behaviour is dangerous and swings the pendulum out of whack.

There is no balance.

The example that I have provided is true on every front. In our society many of our systems are being challenged. Hopefully what we strive for is balanced systems that can be sustained.

We are reacting to the fear and illusion in our markets however we have been the co-creators of these very systems. We have created systems in our businesses, governments, and countries that truly are not sustainable and as a result are crumbling. Rather than stepping back and responding to the failing systems and deciding what we can keep and what we should rid of, we are behaving in an irresponsible manner. We have the ability to be the co-creators of better systems. This means working together in a win/win manner. Unfortunately, too many egos fighting to be “right” and acting on emotion are not allowing this to happen.

I recognize that depending where you are in your life, your response will be different. Being in cash may make sense for your want to preserve your capital. For others who are younger, reacting can be dangerous and bring about a great loss that over time will would correct itself.

The world is not only correcting itself but shifting and changing; We are in the midst of creating new foundations for our systems. Being aware of this allows you to choose: respond or react. Before you choose the latter, please step back and ask yourself, am I acting from fear or truth.

I believe that if people did this than our markets would not be swinging like a pendulum – back and forth.

Instead, it may correct itself to a more balanced existence; one that can be sustained and followed.

For me, the good thing is knowing that if we can create this mess, we can also clean it up.

Again, it is a choice.

Please make responsible, informed choices that are close to your truth. Do not overreact for this behaviour is driven by fear and illusion.

Enjoy this weekend. If you can, just put the market activity aside and enjoy the transitioning from Summer to Fall. Cycles. Everything has a cycle and flow.

All my love,


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