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I nearly have a year under my belt of working and coming back to the market after 15 years. Saying that I wrote a book and published it in 2013, I have three websites, I continue to do work for my kidz2kidz and do drives to collect gently used sports and leisure equipment for kids and families in need. I have spoken to numerous youth groups (paid and unpaid)…. all of this prior to 2015.

I guess I am talking about traditional work. Even saying that nothing I do is traditional or typical. That has been part of my issue. Many companies and jobs are squares in a box; fit nicely but have very little creativity and thinking outside the box.

I am a circle not a square. When I first approached the market I tried to fit into that “square” thinking. Unfortunately it is not my nature (not to say I cannot think like others) as I am more entrepreneurial and visionary. This is my gift and challenge all at the same time. There were so many positions that I could have applied for but I did not have the full level of qualifications deemed necessary. Even looking for the lower entry jobs became a challenge. My resume was too entrepreneurial or didn’t fit into the square. I tried. It is just not me.

So I embarked on project work through a man that I met and we created and enhanced many projects that he was already involved in. I worked hard, very hard and learned a ton. Mostly what I learned is that I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to even in the most challenging of situations (taking on something I have never done before) and that I am really good at what I do. People did notice and so this has opened up doors for me to talk to Directors and managers where last year they were closed. I had to prove myself. And I did.

Where do I stand now? I realize that I am ready to embark on projects where I can learn and grow, exponentially. This means aligning and working with people who think like me (“tribe thinking”). I also know the value of finding the person who will champion me and my work. My successes are nice yet small compared to those who have impacted nationally or globally. I also know that I am ready to soar and thrive and use my visionary knowledge and apply it.

Through my brother I met a man (and I am so grateful) who is willing to put energy behind me and help me achieve what I want. I know he cannot guarantee anything. I also know the power of networking and that his word has great value/power. I know what I want and I am putting it out there to G-d and letting go of the outcome. I also have my goal for next month. Again, I have set my intention, will do the work and again, let go of the outcome.

We never know how G-d/the universe will answer our prayers and in what form.

All of this has been reinforced by another person who has recently come into my life. What gave me the push and inspiration in the first place was his story. We have talked in depth about the next generation of leaders, what they are looking for (millennials, ten Y/Z are looking for experiences) and how to attract and keep them engaged in the workplace. He told me of how he looks at a person beyond their skill set, rather who they are, are they smart, do they have the qualities he is looking for to fit into the work/culture and can this person, with guidance and teaching, take on a roll that they do not have all of the qualificaitons.

He shared his own story with me. He left law to pursue a role in the family business but the business changed and he felt he was stagnating and needed something different. Through meeting many different people in a field that interested him he found two people who vouched for him and recommended him for a position in a field he had no experience and that didn’t even exist, but they felt he would be good at. Having two people champion and vouch for him gave him instant credibility and he did take on this position. The man who hired him knew he lacked some of the skills needed but his belief in him was profound. This same mentor came to him one day (recently) and told him that he has superseded his expectations.

One of the gifts this man gave to my friend who is a Director, is that when he hires he uses the same method of hiring. So far he has been right on the mark. Of course having experience is important. He also knows that value of life skills: tenacity, grit, leadership, willingness to learn, team player and more.

I see where my own evolution has come to and know that I am ready for the next leg of my purpose to unfold; my reason for being in this world.

The last 17 years have been a journey for me and not always one I enjoyed being on. That’s life. I also know I am very happy with who I am today. I have a very clear sense of me, my purpose and why. I would like more than anything to be part of the greater good for this world.

I don’t know where you are at in your life… just know it is where you are meant to be. Honour it and accept it and if you don’t like it figure out what it is you don’t like and decide how can you change or modify it to be more of who you are. And if you don’t like who you are figure out what it is that is working and what is not working. Also keep in mind that you have been taught through your families, institutions, friends, work, etc. certain core values and beliefs however you might come to realize they are not even yours. Hand them back to that person and figure out (follow your heart energy) what is true for you.

I highly recommend finding those that will champion you … to be your best, challenge yourself, help you achieve what you want: believe in you.

It begins with believing in yourself.

I want to wish you all a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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