I understand that many people and companies want to jump in and learn How to Build Better Relationships or How To Communicate Better or Where To Find More Customers. This is all fine – however like building a house you need to have strong foundation created first otherwise the walls will not sustain itself.

It doesn’t have to be a long drawn out thing — for me understanding first why people do business with you – there are only two reasons and it is not what you offer – your product or service. Then knowing what type of industry your are in – the goods producing or service producing sector – is critical. With the goods producing sector, the product is important that it meets the needs and wants of your customer base. Saying that, if you don’t provide the service to go along with this then that customer can go buy the product elsewhere unless you offer an exclusive brand/product. And even then people may look for a close substitute. For those in the service producing sector you need to fully comprehend that people come to you because of the value you create via your customer service. I feel that most companies and especially those in sales take this for granted. Knowing that you are in the service industry is imperative for the only thing that differentiates your from your competitor is YOUR SERVICE. Let’s take it one step further – do these people truly understand what it means to be of service?

I looked it up in the dictionary – work done by one person or group that benefits others.

Another layer to this understanding is that the sales person/company receive money as a form of payment for the exchange of your service. Thus, while money has an emotional tie to us, money is really a form of exchange and that is it – it comes AFTER the service is conducted.

Finally, knowing that part of your service is who you are:

* honest – hold to your price
* authentic
* deliver your work in a timely manner
* easy to work with
* communicates – hear, listen, and clarify when need
* creative to find solutions – legal

Once you understand this (Why) then you can learn How You Can Build Better Relations/Expand those Relationships & How You Can Communicate Better will come much easier because you understand the nature of your business. The foundation has been laid.

Just some food for thought…

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