Follow up: Now is the time to set dreams into action

Posted Friday, August 2nd, 2013. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

I wanted to follow up from last week. It is easy to identify that yes we are (or I am) sabotaging or slowing our dreams from manifesting however I wanted to share what happens when you switch gears and really focus on what you want.

It turns out that writing a book is only one small part of bringing a book to market especially if you are self-publishing, which I am. I spent a year writing what will become 4 books, another eight months editing the book and now I am focussing on the design. This handbook is much more than a book to sit on a shelf, it is a call to action for our youth to learn life skills that are essential to success in life, both personally and professionally, and then how to apply these to every day life choices. This knowledge and experience will provide our youth the foundation for speaking up and challenging systems that currently exist that are no longer relevant or have impact. Of course there are some systems that maybe just need a tweak to be updated and relevant for today. I discuss the importance of bridging the gap between the millennial youth and baby boomers and how both often want the same thing just approach it differently.

I am proud of this book. I have also extended much energy to create partnerships with this book with various youth advocates and youth workers.

All was going well and then I was side-tracked with some personal stuff and really things stopped. Last week when I posted the TUT messages about how quickly or not our dreams come true I knew that I needed to switch my gears. I was sitting in neutral and wanted to shift into a gear that got me moving again. I can see the momentum picking up again as I really focussed on my book this week. I accomplished a lot and am proud of my efforts. I am constantly learning. I am also turning to others for guidance and this is very helpful.

Most important is how I speak to myself, the words I use and the feelings I feel when I do think of my book and all that I see surrounding this youth handbook: speaking, teaching, guiding and yes earning from these actions.

My actions (and yours) are currently being supported by the energy right now: DREAMING. Now is the time to state “what I want”. Do not do this frivolously. Your dreams are not to be dismissed. You and I both know that ‘wishing’ or ‘hoping’ for something to happen without reinforcing this with thought and action will likely delay or perhaps squash the desire altogether. Be real, feel it, and then say it. Affirmations are powerful especially when you use the words, “I AM”.

For some this may feel like ‘faking it until I make it’. Perhaps so. I have one question, what life do you want to live? Do you want to exist as the victim or the empowered soul? Do you choose scraping by and making ends meet or abundance (this is different for every person)? Do you choose peace and calm or drama?

I know for me I choose peace and calm, abundance, love and joy.

I can only encourage you to live your life to the fullest. It is up to you to make that decision to participate or not.

All I can say is that I am glad that I shook myself out of that neutral position I found myself in and put myself back into gear towards fulfilling my dreams. It’s a much happier place for me to be in.

I want you to have a great weekend. In Canada we have a long weekend! Yeah.

All my love,


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