I first went on to the conference call in June 2010 to hear how as women we are spent … exhausted. This prompted a blog about how we are no happier today than we were 4 decades ago. Christine Arylo is one of the leaders and guides of Summer of Self Love – 40 days. She sent me this letter which I wanted to share. It is not too late to begin the journey of loving and honouring ourselves. You do not have to participate however it is a worthwhile read.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Do We Really Have to Get Sick To Slow Down?

Hi Sandra!

It’s Christine Arylo here, dropping in from my deck in the hills of California with a love letter from me to you. It’s a Self Love Sunday and I just HAD to write to you!

You see, today is day 40 of the Summer of Self Love 40-day virtual retreat that I started on June 22nd with women from around the world… a retreat I created to help us women say NO to having to be, do and have it all and say YES! to receiving more (by doing less). I received so much in these last 40-days, including what I am about to share with you here.

Over the course of these past 40-days I became crystal clear on the silent epidemic that is hitting so many of us women, but that too few of us are talking about…

(yet we beat ourselves up for it!)

The pressure we put on ourselves to do, be and have it all, coupled with how much we beat ourselves up for not being able to do, be and have it all, is slowly killing us. The pace of our lives is unsustainable, in fact, if we don’t make a shift, we as women are going to become unsustainable.

In the course of the last 40 days I have witnessed two of my coaching clients and one dear friend fall apart in sheer exhaustion, one enough to have to take a leave of absence from work. I have witnessed MANY women participating in the retreat come forward and say they too have these symptoms of exhaustion – weight gain, fuzzy thinking, insomnia, tiredness – but feel too guilty to take a break or just can’t figure out how to do everything that is required of them.

And I too ran myself into the ground… only 7 days into our Summer of Self Love Retreat, when my body and intuition said SLOW DOWN, TAKE A FEW DAYS OFF but I couldn’t figure out how to “DO” that. So, my body made it real easy for me. I never get sick, but over July 4th weekend, I was laid flat out on my back with a immense pain in my left kidney, a fever and an inability to DO anything but relax. I got a big taste of what could happen to me if I didn’t stop driving myself so hard.

In the process of getting sick, and the weeks that followed on our retreat,I had a lot of AHA’s about the subconscious patterns that have driven me to do, do, do for 30+ years. They say we teach what we are here to learn and that is truly the case with me… so I share with you from one 21st Century Super Woman to another this blog…

CLICK HERE TO READ Do I Really Have to Get Sick to Relax?

We women put A LOT of pressure on ourselves, and it’s time that we all supported each other to stop! Whether it’s calling up your girlfriend and saying, “I SO want to take the day off, but I just can’t, can you help me gain some perspective?” Or it’s admitting to a friend how overwhelmed, overworked and over it you are. Or like I did today to my friend who is a single mom… give your girlfriend the permission to take the day off, or at least a few hours off.

And to support yourself in making YOU more sustainable, I’ve included some questions in my blog to help you uncover the patterns driving you to DO too much, and BE too little. The truth is that we’ve been wired for generations to give more than we receive, and it’s OUR generations role to rewire ourselves and say I WILL GIVE AND I WILL RECEIVE. The last thing we want to do is to pass these self-sabotaging patterns on to our daughters.

CLICK HERE TO READ Do I Really Have to Get Sick to Relax?

with heart,

Christine Arylo
founder of The Summer of Self Love
co-founder of Inner Mean Girl Reform School

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