From Biblical Times to Today… Human Sacrifice

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First off I want to wish all those people celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, a happy and healthy one.

I sat in shul yesterday listening to the Rabbi take about the Torah portion which had to do with Abraham and the human sacrifice of his son, Isaac…. which we know did not happen.

Human sacrifice was prevalent in many cultures (Incas for example) in history. Thankfully, today it is not or is it??? I know we do not physically sacrifice our children on an alter however the sacrificial metaphor finds itself in other actions we do see today.

When we put our own selfish interest ahead of others with the intention of destroying, bringing down and making them feel less than human are we not performing human sacrificing? I really want you to think about this. Has this happened to you? Has anyone made you feel less than human, called you names, treated you with such indifference that it’s like you are not there?

These actions by anyone towards you are completely unacceptable – on the individual level, city level, province/state level and finally country level.

EMPOWERING OURSELVES. The time has come in history to end this behaviour for it is not acceptable and cannot continue. It will not be sustained by the energy that is being shifted in. We have been moving to a more balanced, male and female energy, that is about win/win, collaboration, working together and heart energy.

The male energy I am referring to, as discussed many times in the last year, is about speaking your truth, following your heart, setting boundaries and staying true to this in all choices and actions. The female energy I am referring to is the mother nature energy we are seeing – love, compassion, care for our fellow human beings and pure heart energy.

Consider where you are at in your life and if this is the cycles you want to continue? Criticizing and putting others down to elevate yourself might give an immediate feeling of supremacy or importance … however, it is based on illusion and once that person or people or situation challenges you, you will fall. The bully can only exist if there is fear from the other party. Once that person/people/situation alters this then the fear no longer exists.

It all begins with you. You can break the cycles and lead by example. Baby Steps. Many of these core beliefs are so ingrained in you, subconsciously, that to change this you must begin to change the way you feel, think, act and be. You need to bring your inner thoughts in alignment with your conscious thoughts and actions.

I want to wish you a wonderful Fall weekend. The next time you want to say something that brings down, diminishes or is just plan critical and mean, step back and ask yourself – why are you saying this? can you say this differently, in truth but with love, so that you can get your point across however in a different manner.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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