From Oprah’s 101 Best Pieces of Advice, March 2012 magazine

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This is #90: How to Adapt When Your Life Takes a Turn

April Holmes Paralympic gold medalist in the 100-meter dash. In 2001, at age 27, the former college track star lost her leg from the knee down in a train accident.

She says,”You can’t move very fast if you’re carrying a lot of luggage. I try to remind myself of that every day. It’s easy to get weighed down by bad stuff from your past- an accident, a difficult breakup, family issues, whatever. But if you’re tied to the past, you’re not going to get very far. When I was lying in the hospital after the accident, my surgeon, Dr. DeLong, handed me some magazines about Paralympics and told me to think about it. I had no idea what it would take to be an amputee, let alone a sprinter, let alone a gold medalist. But I told myself, ‘This is your new dream. Here it is. Take the first step.’

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