I was recently in New York and met up with Maritza to talk about our work. We are so in alignment — even if we say it in a different way at times. We both want to empower women and youth and for you to know IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU, TAKING BACK YOUR POWER & FOLLOWING YOUR TRUTH AND PASSION. We need to stop relying on others for our answers and know that the answers lie within.

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This week Sandra asked me to write an article about my journey; how being born into a poor environment may be the best gift one can ever experience: from rags to riches. “Riches” to me means rich in heart and living your life purpose to serve others.

I was born in the countryside of the Dominican Republic where I was raised by my grandparents in a big, wooden, blue house by the mountains, along with my brother, uncles and aunts; all together we were about 13 people in that seven-room house. My parents migrated to the United States when I was just three years old, leaving me in my grandparents’ care. How many of you recognize this from your own lives, watching your parents leave you behind while they searched for a better life in los Estados Unidos,”United States?” My grandparents, who today are still my role models, taught me at a very young age the value of hard work and perseverance, the importance of family, and most importantly having integrity and values. I remember we prayed every night. At the time I did not know what prayer was but now I realize how valuable praying every night was to my family and to me. These values I am passing along to my little leaders, Charlize and Amanda, my two precious girls. This is the foundation that I have always walked with; it has opened many windows of opportunity for me.

This path has led me from my early girlhood in the countryside of Dominican Republic, to my coming to New York City working in a bodega “grocery store”, to working in a factory, and eventually to my husband and I creating a restaurant from scratch called Much Gusto Spanish Cuisine Inc. which we recently sold, to becoming a partner and chief financial officer of a commodity hedge firm on Wall Street, Balor Capital Management LLC. The accumulation of all this knowledge and experience has led me to my most recent desire: setting up my own company, Quasar OM.

    I have always loved finance but my true love and joy is to empower and inspire others to achieve their dreams

My next journey in life is becoming an inspirational speaker to teach and lead others in creating happy, successful and purposeful lives. This passion of mine has always been part of me. This year I decided to pursue my passion on a bigger scale. When I first realized I wanted to do this for the rest of my life was at my first inspirational speech at the United Nations last year. I was the keynote speaker celebrating Latin Heritage month. My inspirational speech made some people cry and I felt touched. I remember a woman came up to me and said, “I can relate to your story and I to came to America and left my family behind to find a better life for myself and my family back home.” This was the pivotal moment for me. After that I did a four-month leadership course to learn more about how to support others. Following that I took two courses with T. Harv Ecker to better improve my stage presentation. And Recently I took a seminar with Anthony Robbins to better equip myself to give an outstanding two day seminar for women Empowerment. In additions to these seminars I have read many books on how to live a better life and the secret to abundance, happiness, the immense power we have within and many other powerful topics. This has led me to create my own company called Quasar OM. The website will be www.quasarom.com, will be up and running by December 2009.

The plan is that Quasar OM will run workshops on women Empowerment, and provide the tools, expertise and guidance to support women to create their own opportunities and bring their own visions to reality. Quasar OM’s intention is to transform women lives from the inside out, so they can bring joy and abundance to all facets of their lives.

In addition to Quasar OM, I support DBI education on their Youth Leadership program. For more information you can log on to www.dbieducation.com And as well my pride and joy has been to work with Sandra this finance segment of her website.


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