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In a letter of the day there was a response to an article. This is not a letter about slaming Justin Trudeau rather it is about what it means to be Canadian.

In response to the article ‘I sent Trudeau To That Mosque’, Ingrid Ravary-Konopka, Sheldon Lerman, Thornhill, Ont. responds:

“In her article, Justin Trudeau’s former assistant, Ingrid Ravary-Konopka, discusses how she sent the Liberal leader to a mosque in Montreal that she says, “preaches the most rigid interpretation of Islam: Wahhabism,” and from which, as she later learned, “known Al-Qaeda members were recruited, facilitated or trained.”

She describes how “in settings such as this…Trudeau would always Champion Canadian values, such as acceptance, women’s rights, the responsibilities of citizenship and diversity.” That sounds good, but then comes the kicker: “While much of this may sound like sentimental platitudes, for many in Papineau it might very well have been the first time any of these ideas had been expressed to them.”

The first time? Really? If this is true – if people can immigrate to Canada without first demonstrating an understanding of basic Canadian values and declaring their acceptance and commitment to these values – we face a serious problem. Within the parameters of our basic values, there’s much room for diversity and debate. But we can’t wait until after people have arrived and then try convincing them to accept our values and our way of life. By then it may be (and often is) much too late.

Sheldon Lerman, Thornhill, ON

I really like the last point. Prime Minister David Cameron of the U.K. is taking a hard line right now on suspected terrorists and people who defy the British way of being.

Living in Canda is a privilege and we as Canadians do not have to let just anyone in. The people coming to live in Canada MUST be in alignment or agree to Canada’s value system otherwise they should choose another country that is more in alignment with their core values. Canada supports equality, that gays and lesbians can live without fear of death, that we women can walk the street without fear of being raped and beaten and so much more. Of course freedom of rights is valued however it does not trump the core values of Canada. When you come into a country you need to embrace their way of life. I love learning about different cultures, trying different types of food, and more. I will never accept someone coming into my country telling me I must be such and such a religion or live against the core values of this country.

Harper and whomever wins the 2015 federal election, I hope that they take a hard line on this just like David Cameron of the U.K.

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