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I loved when I read about this event in the article: Helping Tweens, parents navigate adolescence.

There is a new event that brings girls together and their parents to smooth out the awkwardness of puberty.

G-Day is the creation of United Girls of the World, a non-profit organization. G-Day focuses on tween-aged girls, aged 10-20, and provides them a full day of activities meant to foster a sense of community and help them become confident in their sense of self.

This event addresses some of the risky behaviours our young girls make- getting drunk for the first time or losing their virginity.

After an introduction, the girls were separated from their parents with both groups taking part in workshops. For the girls, they discussed everything from dancing to discussions about sisterhood and using technology. Parents discussed nurturing self-esteem, rediscovering a sense of play, and how to have “the talk”.

When it came to social media the girls were taught not just how to better use it however how to use it responsibly.

I love the message the girls shared:

“Stand up for yourself!”
“Try your hardest!”
“Don’t make anybody change you.”
“Be who you are.”

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