I live in a suburb of Greater Toronto, Canada called Thornhill. I am currently looking for part-time work to align with my passion. A friend of mine asked me to go to the opening of this place called The Thornhill Employment Hub.

I attended the official opening although they have been running since the summer. This is a privately owned company that is currently getting funding from our government by providing services to people looking for employment, transitioning into a new career – maybe they were let go, as well as a full range of services that is handled one on one: resume writing, preparing for the interview process, and more. I was so impressed with their facility.

The benefit is not only for those seeking employment – there is also a tremendous benefit for Employers. To reach prospective and potential employees, employers can advertise, go on sites and work with placement agencies. The latter can be costly and as the employer you need to trust the person screening that they are presenting you with the best possibilities out there. There is a cost… usually 30% of the person’s first year salary. Therefore, this can be a costly endeavour for employers and you are not assured you are getting the best fit.

I love the HUB idea for it brings two forces together with the Hub acting as the intermediary. By creating relationships the HUB team can hear the needs, wants and desire of the employer and then look at the candidates that they are working with and determine if there is a good fit.

Really it comes down to fit — does this person fit within your corporate culture AND does the person being asked to join want to be part of this team. A lot of aggravation and time can be saved when the true intention is to find the most suitable match versus an employment agency which really wants to place someone, anyone so they can earn their money.

I hope that employers seek out and see if an Employment Hub exists within their area and take advantage of this. It is to their benefit! As well, people who feel stuck and do not know how to proceed, or like me, identify what areas they need to focus on and then use these skills — utilize this! It is free and an AMAZING SERVICE!!!

The Thornhill Employment Hub in Vaughan, Ontario is an incredible centre with people who are helpful and encouraging. Most of the journey of looking for a job is finding your passion and determining your worth. These people can guide and mentor you and then the rest is up to you!

Good luck!

Here is the contact information:

Thornhill Employment Hub

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