I have written about this book before in my blog and will list it as one of my resources. I am LOVING this book. This has brought enlightenment – reminding me of what I already know.

Here are some quotes from the book- author: Robert Holden, Ph.D.

“You are not here to find happiness; you are here to extend it.
You are inspiration-packed, wisdom infused, made with love and blessed with joy.
And so is everyone else.” (p.49)

“Happiness is experiencing your Self without judgement and only with love.” (p. 54)

“Happiness is not the absence of sadness; happiness is the capacity to face sadness- and to face it with love, not fear.” (p.62)

“Happiness is not a state of mind; it is your true nature.” (p.85)

“Happiness is
a journey without a distance,
a journey that takes no time,
a journey that has already
been made.” (p. 93)

“Happiness is the willingness to choose the truth instead of staying stuck in a story.” (p. 171)

Just wanted to share some of the great sayings in this book – the truth!

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