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Posted Thursday, March 25th, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Through my own journey of empowerment I know about breaking cycles. I have worked hard and continue to work at breaking my own cycles that were passed down from generation to generation, especially by the women on my mother’s side.

My passion to empower women, share my story and the story of others is now being channelled into truly breaking cycles – VOICES OF YOUTH. As you have to begin somewhere I teamed up with another life coach, Mitch Gordon, and we put a workshop/program together that reaches out to graduating students from University and College called TRANSITIONING INTO THE WORKPLACE. We want to empower these kids by providing them with life skills that will make this transition easier. It will also plant the seeds for creating and allowing kids to be authentic to who they are, follow their path, be accountable and responsible for their actions, share interview tips and more. We have been reaching out to different schools in the Toronto and yesterday we met with two young men from the business school who work with the students. We shared our ideas. They loved it and saw the need for this – giving tools to the students for transitioning into the workforce. We discussed that there are the younger ones who will be looking for their first job and position in a company and more mature ones that have already been in the workforce and may be looking to change jobs and/or careers.

What was most exciting is seeing that there is a need and how we will come together, and collaborate and create something of value for these students. We also said we want to hear WHAT YOU WANT AND NEED. We look at this as a partnership.

This is just the beginning. We know our greatest learning is to come and we must stay open and listen to our “clients”, the students/the youth.

What I also look forward to is the mirror that will be held up to me. I am accountable and responsible to walk my talk, share from my heart and give and be of service. I know some of my greatest awareness to come is by working with the youth.

As a mother I do my best and I know that so do all the other mothers out there. I want to “help” those mothers out there that don’t know how to show their children the life skills I am talking about for they were never taught it themselves. All I can suggest is watch as these children start to make changes in our world for the better. They will show you how they are doing it and will lead by example.

I want to share a story that I read in the Oprah Magazine this month about how one daughter got her dad thinking. This young 14-year-old girl named Hannah, was driving in the car with her father and they came to a stop sign. She turned to the left and saw the Mercedes coupe and to her right sat a homeless man on the sidewalk begging for food. She looked at her father and said, “If that guy didn’t have such a nice car, maybe the other guy could have a meal”. The father then replied, “Well, what if we didn’t have such a nice car?”

This prompted a very big decision that led to a path of philanthropy – to downsize their home and take half the proceeds and donate the money to two villages in Ghana through the Hunger Project.. You can learn more in their book called The Power of Half. I will post it on my site!

WOW this story really grabbed my heart strings. You wait, watch and see what is coming with our youth!

Next week I will share what American Express found in a research study of what we want, what makes us happy.

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