Happy birthday to my youngest son

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My son turns 12 today. I am having a big family dinner for him and then we’ll do something special he and I. I love birthdays. Some people say they don’t care. For me it’s a time to remember how this person, in this case my son, has made a difference in my life and those lives he touches.

When my son was younger was little he would always ask me to share about the day he was born. He was literally the exorcist coming out of me. He couldn’t wait to come into this world. The nurses told me to stop pushing because the doctor who was delivering hadn’t arrived yet. I told the nurse… I am NOT pushing this baby is coming out on its own. So I tell my son that he came out of me and hit the four walls and then we caught him.

My son approaches the world with the same determination. He struggled a bit when he was young with the divorce and now I just love hanging out with him (when he gives me time away from the computer).

Being 12 also reminds me of how simple life was when I was a child. No worries in the world. This is the place and feeling to strive to.

Just to digress for a second… yesterday I was looking at my flowers and how I thought they were dead but no, with time, water and the little sun we have had, they are growing again.

Just when you think you are so low beauty of nature teaches you all is good. My son and the flowers remind me not to take our human life so seriously.

I hope to show my son that like the flowers I am resilient and no matter what or who tries to destroy or bring me down, in any circumstance, I am that flower that will thrive and grow back.

Our children teach and remind us as much as we remind and teach them.

Today I will make it all about my son. I am waiting for him to come through the door so I can give him a big hug and kiss.

I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Take a look at nature to see its beauty and more importantly its resilience!

All my love,


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