Happy Father’s Day… men have come a long way

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While I know Mother’s Day and Father’s day are manufactured days it is nice to feel special even if for just one day by your children. So on Mother’s Day I picked up lunch, still did some laundry and so on. The job never stops. But I really enjoyed my day.

On Mother’s Day I called my younger brother and wished him a “happy Mother’s Day” because he is really the hands on parent. Actually so is my twin brother. They are the parent that really steps it up. That doesn’t mean my sisters-in-laws do nothing, of course they do however one parent tends to be more prominent in that role and in this case it’s my brothers.

I want to comment on how far men have come in parenting. Now this is not always the case and it depends on culture, religion and perhaps which country you live in. As we live in Canada there is equality and I see that the men are stepping it up. Maybe it is because the soaring numbers of divorces … whatever is the reason it is nice to see.

I am really proud of my boyfriend and how he parents. He has learned so much this year about himself and those around him, including his daughter. He is a great parent in that he not only cares, he is learning to ask questions, answer questions, listen and walk his talk. I have definitely guided him and it has been a journey of discovery, mostly about himself. What I believe he is finding is the richness that relationships can have. Yes, he still goes into business mode especially at work, however I have seen him bring his new found awareness into his workplace. He is creating a great corporate culture. To me being the leader or CEO is much like being a parent, you need to walk your talk otherwise customers, your critics, your employees and business-to-business partnerships will call you on it.

So for all those men out there celebrating Father’s Day, enjoy and be proud of how far you have come. As for your fathers understand that many of them came from a different time and belief system. It is not that they did not care or were not interested, in fact I knew some amazing father’s to my friends that were excellent, its more that they were never shown. Showing heart and emotion was not seen as “manly” however this is changing . Today we need to come from heart and mind; it is a balance of your masculine and feminine energies – firm, speak in truth yet compassionate and empathetic.

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day doing what you love and spending time with the family.

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