Happy Father’s Day!

Posted Thursday, June 13th, 2013. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

This message is for all those men who take on the role of “father figure” (whether that’s your official title or not!). This Sunday you get to kick back and be the object of your family’s affection.

I just saw this great commercial showing an older man and his adult son hanging out together sharing time doing something they both love (in their case it was working on their ancestry).

Men typically define themselves by their work and sometimes spend more time doing this then spending time with their family, especially their children. This is changing, thank goodness.

This weekend, take the time to spend with those that you love. To really spend quality time together find what connects you and enjoy that activity (a walk, fishing, golf, biking, etc.). Put away your phone, computers, ipad, tv, and anything else that distracts you. Ask that your kids do the same. Take the time to bond. These moments are fleeting and before you know it you’ll be back a work or doing something else.

Have a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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