Happy Halloween Everyone!

Posted Friday, October 30th, 2015. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Some people love this time of year and go all out. I love watching the Ellen Degeneres halloween show where she has Andy Lassner, her executive producer, walk through this scary ‘haunted house/maze’ each year. This year she invited Modern Family cast member, Eric Stonestreet to join in the Haunted House walk through. It always makes me laugh.

So I am not one for scary things. I don’t like scary movies or horrors- not my thing. But my older son loves them.

What I do love about this time of year it is a great time to dress up and pretend. While I like truth and authenticity this is a good time to let yourself go and find your alter ego. Its kind of like an actor who takes on a role that is nothing like themselves and really get into character without compromising their morals or beliefs.

So I hope you enjoy this weekend and ‘stretch’ yourself and little. For me…. I’ll be home with my boys running them around. So I’ll be dressed as a MOM == LOL!

I will enjoy my time giving out candy and meeting all the characters that come to my door.

I will then cut up the pumpkin for my mom to make her famous pumpkin pies. I will make my best friend’s husband (who is American) pumpkin tarts for US thanksgiving.

Have the best weekend.

All my love,


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