Happy Holidays to all…

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This is a festive time with many celebrations going on. I want to wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday. May it be full of laughter, joy, and peace. It is a time to show love and be love. I want to share something that was sent to me about love:

Remember LOVE

Call moments of love to you by being the first to demonstrate LOVE through generous thoughts and actions.

Feel LOVE’s nature, feel its generosity, feel its grace touch you.

In the moments of love your heart is open to receive but also to demonstrate freely what love can bring to the lives of others. Choose to express love freely without holding it back, without needing it returned in a precise way.

LOVE IS the most powerful thing.

Namaste !

I have spent the last year facing and acknowledging my fears, letting them go and opening myself up to love – giving and receiving. These words remind me that sometimes I need to be the one to show love first even if it is not returned. This holiday give the gift of love, if even from a distance. Break those barriers… maybe you had a fight with a family member and are not talking – do you even remember what the fight was about? Can you forgive and move past this? If this is too hard to do physically, in the person’s presence, then find it in your heart to send love from your a distance: your heart to their heart — telepathically. Energy travels.

From my family to yours we want to wish people celebrating… a happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, happy Kwanzaa and if I missed anything, that too!

Enjoy this time, be in the moment, go with the flow and slow down. Many of us are always in the doing stage… now is the time to BE.

All my love,


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