Happy Holidays to everyone!

Posted Thursday, December 25th, 2014. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

Today is Christmas. While I am not Christian I do love this time of year. It is just the feeling of family and community. I spent the last week trying to see all my friends who celebrate Christmas and give them gifts. For me this year, it was special, as I had such a challenging year and some of these people were instrumental in helping me through it.

I love to give gifts at the best of time however coupled with gratitude was even more special. And even more fun was seeing people and creating plans that didn’t exist. There is something to be said about going with the flow!

I have also taken time to relax and sleep… gain my strength back. This year really tired me out. I know many others feel the same way.

I am excited to see my boys and spend the next week with them. We need some fun time and laughter!

This weekend take time to relax and enjoy the downtime; regain your strength. I have a feeling that lots of movement and things are going to happen in the new year.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend. Spend time with family, friends and do something special for yourself.

All my love,


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