Happy July 4th!

Posted Friday, July 4th, 2014. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

To All my American friends both home and abroad I want to wish you a happy July 4th. With the world in turmoil and countries pursuing a form of democracy, United States and Canada have a lot to be grateful for.

Cherish your independence for we never know what can be. Be kind to one another and know that just because someone holds a different view, especially political, does not make them less or wrong… just different.

Saying that I believe that both US and Canada stand for equal rights for men and women and so for those people who choose to live in our countries they must honour the core values and beliefs of our countries. If not then they are welcome to leave and return to any country that is more in alignment with their beliefs. US has fought hard for their independence and the ability to live the all American dream.

Ultimately I believe human beings want the same outcome: peace, prosperity and love.

Have a wonderful day.

All my love,


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