Happy Mother’s Day

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While it may be a hallmark moment I still like this day. And yes as a mother who thankfully still has a mother, it won’t be that relaxing as I am making dinner with my sister and brother for our mother. What I do is take the opportunity to tell my boys that it’s my day and I get all the hugs and kisses I want. My little one was so concerned that his mother’s day card would be forgotten at his father’s house that he already gave it to me. Yup… gave him a big kiss.

For me I don’t need all the gifts, I just love being together as a family and sharing our love with one another. Do I like gifts, of course. However, I don’t expect gifts (I let go of this a long time ago!).

Over the years I have taught myself, even broken a cycle, that it is okay to put myself first and nurture myself. I was spending all my energy giving to others I forgot about the one special person in my life, me.

I love to give and have learned to appreciate receiving. In fact, I have been receiving so much help with my book and work related stuff that I stopped and started to give back again. I love to give. I see the value of both and how it all flows so nicely together.

For those mothers and caregivers out there who do not take the time to nurture and take care of themselves and rarely ever put themselves first – STOP! You are so important. First of all by treating yourself with love and compassion and acceptance for who you are you are showing your child/children that you value yourself; that you are important. Again you do not stop the duties of a mother.

I know that many of your actions and everyday choices go unnoticed and unappreciated. I feel that way too. That is why it is so important to show your children, especially your daughters a new way – often different from what you were taught.

It’s about balance. Slow down and close your door – pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read and do so for a few hours. Let someone else look after the children if they are too young to do so for themselves. Take a nap, a bath, a walk, go to yoga, get your nails and hair done, meditate in peace and quiet…. Whatever it takes to slow you down and allow you to cherish the moments with just you.

Don’t worry it will not take long for someone to come shouting, “Hey mom I can’t find… or there’s no food in the house and I’m hungry.” Yup… it’s back to normal.

I want to extend a big hug and kiss to all the mothers and caregivers out there. I want to also acknowledge and recognize caring partners that see the value in what their partners offer and do as mothers. Thank you.

All my love,


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