Happy New Year — An abundance and Prosperous 2011

Posted Friday, December 31st, 2010. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

To all my friends, I want to wish you a very happy, healthy, joyful, peaceful and abundant New Year.

2010 was for many, or just me, a time for clearing old cobwebs, dealing with behaviours that I wanted to change/break, evaluating who I am and what I want.

I can say that it was a bittersweet year. However, I have come away with clarity and strong intention. I shed more layers and many tears. I feel lighter and stronger than ever.

I am so looking forward to this year, 2011. I believe that the universe has also shed it’s layers and we have seen that in the failing of systems: banks, governments, currencies, and even countries. Thank goodness!

I hope that you are surrounded by love and tenderness tonight.

Happy New Year – to a wonderful 2011.





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