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Posted Friday, January 13th, 2017. Filed Under Voices of wisdom

We are a few weeks into the new year and I am back feeling much more relaxed. I took a couple of weeks to do nothing and recharge my battery.

I hope that everyone had a nice holiday and want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, peaceful, abundant new year. I know I speak for many that say thank goodness 2016 is done and we are ready for 2017.

I was fortunate to just return from a family holiday in Costa Rica and one of the sayings that they say to one another is “pura vida”. The English translation is “Pure Life” however what was explained to me is more like life is good/wonderful, no worries, relax it will all work out, be in the moment… that sort of thinking and feeling. I have brought this sentiment back with me. I even bought a key chain to remind me to just relax and be in the moment. So far so good!

I spent some time before the holidays putting thought and feeling to how I want 2017 to be. I am not one to set resolutions rather I set intentions of the larger picture. For instance, my intention is to be healthy in body, mind and spirit. That intention can include me eating healthy, getting good sleep, exercising, taking my vitamins, meditating, visualizing, breathing, stretching, letting go, not worrying and feeling good about where I am at. It also includes accepting where I am at and loving myself in this moment and time. We all know that resolutions often get broken by end of January – quit smoking, going to the gym everyday, etc. I believe that by setting intentions that each day you can do something towards what you desire without it being cumbersome to the point you give up.

Last year, 2016, I saw as the year of clarity. I made a lot of big decisions that last year about my home of residence, work, people I allow into my life whether it be personal or professional, family and friends, finances and more. This year I see as a year of growth, expansion and impact. For the first time in ages I feel that I can put my attention to growing and expanding in all areas of my life. The pura vida sentiment is exactly how I want to approach things. Rather than come from worry and fear I choose to come from calm, knowing and trusting.

I want to challenge each person to sit back and evaluate where they are at — what is working in life and what is not. Ask yourself how do you want your life to be, look like for 2017? Do you want to be healthier? happier? and what does that mean and look like. One of my intentions is that there is peace and joy with my two boys in my home and life with them. I want you to keep in mind that they are teenagers and so for me to have peace and joy means sometimes I just need to step back and stop controlling the outcome: let go. Of course they will make mistakes however they will have to learn.

One intention I have set is that I will not allow drama or drama-filled people into my life. I am not interested, at all.

I have given you some things to think about. Please take some time to consider how you want your life to be. It often is more a matter of changing your thoughts and beliefs that what you do.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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