Happy New Years … I’m excited for 2014

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I had a wonderful New Years. I enjoyed the company, the food and ambiance. While sitting I overheard the manager telling one of the patrons that he was so happy that 2013 was over as it was a tough year. I looked over at him and I said, “I agree”. I know that I am not the only one to have had such a year. I have many friends who have also had some tough things to deal with – everything from a mother with cancer (thank goodness cancer-free now) to losing their job to breaking up with a boyfriend and more.

This year was about clearing old habits and beliefs that no longer serve us, finishing our karmic debt, and looking at our lessons meant to be learned in this lifetime. I can say that I have experienced all and more of this.

While this was one of my toughest years I can say that I learned so much about me, my relationships, who I am, what I desire and most important self-worth. In December I wrote my intentions for 2014. While I spent much of 2013 clearing my stuff I knew that 2014 was going to be different. I looked at 2014 as my year of truth. I know that to move forward in my life I needed to be totally in my truth. What does this mean? To me it means asking myself some hard questions: Do I like what I see in the mirror? Do I like the people in my life? Does my partner make me smile and feel good about me? Do we want the same things out of life/core values? Do I like going to work each day? Do I feel good (my health/body image)? What about my finances – am I happy with my financial situation? Can I pay my bills? Am I saving money?

So here we are just beginning 2014 and many are really working to be in their truth. Some however are not. For those who are it doesn’t mean that the path will be smooth. It may mean that you embrace the sadness, worry, fear, insecurity or concern and let you move through the emotion/feeling. For those who are not I see a lot of physical issues: back problems, eye issues, core stomach problems and more.

The potential of this year is great. 2014 is a “7” number and from what I read is a lucky number.

I want to encourage all of my readers to pick one area of their life where there is a feeling of being unsure or not good and focus on the truth. It may be that you ask G-d or your angels or some universal force to help you see the truth – show you signs. Then stay open to them. When the signs come you can decide to ignore them or accept them. It is up to you. From this choice will come different outcomes. All I can say is that only you will know your truth – no one can tell you.

All I want for myself and each and every one of you is to be in your truth, know your self worth and honour it.

It may take you down a path you cannot even imagine. I know for me I am entering a path now that I never considered however here I am.

Please take time in the next few days and write your intentions of what you see for this year. Write as though you are living it. Please know that wishing and hoping will not bring results, rather being, feeling and knowing will.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend.

All my love,


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