Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the U.S.

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This is one of the biggest holidays of the year. It it is a time to bring family and friends together to give thanks for those people that are in your life and make a difference.

While watching the X-Factor this week, the artists performed a song to someone that inspired them in their life. Cece Fry sang a special song to her sister who passed away when Cece was young. What Cece did is reminded us that there are many people who have touched our lives and are no longer physically with us. She referred to her sister as her angel who is with her every time she sings.

I also believe in my angels; important people who have touched my life and are no longer physically in this world but I KNOW they are with me.

Thanksgiving is also a time to be grateful for what is in your life. I want to stretch that thinking and ask you to be grateful for all of the lessons and experiences you had this year. You may be asking, why do I want to look at those times that were hard for me and my family? Hopefully, you have worked through or are working through those tough times and able to see the “silver lining”. I believe that everything happens for a reason. So, when something tough or “bad” happens – rather than labelling it, ask yourself, “what can I learn from this situation?” These times may even allow you to step back and really appreciate someone or something that is currently in your life.

This last year for me has been a time to deal with my deep-seated fears. I recently re-read my 2012 intentions and that is exactly what I asked for. Why, you say? I did so because I wanted to let go of those fears that are blocking me from being all that I can be and doing my work – my calling. Needless to say it has been an interesting few months (more than a few!!!). Today, as I write this I can honestly say that all the tough moments and hard work has been worth every tear, feeling of frustration, and questioning. ALL of my relationships have benefited. I feel through the releasing and letting go process I have learned what is important in life. I have “two feet in” for all of my relationships — I can give and receive.

What are you grateful for? What did you learn this year about yourself? Who touches your life? Who has touched your life and influences it today?

As you sit down to your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner, surrounded by your loved ones and dearest friends, enjoy the moment. Be grateful for all that is in your life; be grateful for those that have touched your life and made a difference; be grateful for the learning experiences.

Have a wonderful weekend!

All my love,


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2 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the U.S.”

  1. Marilyn Feigen on November 25th, 2012 11:55 am

    Hi Sandra, your thanksgiving message is very inspiring and well said. You are very open and honest as always. Thank you for all that you give to the community! Luv Marilyn

  2. Sandra on November 29th, 2012 2:48 pm

    Marilyn has been a guide and mentor to me over the last few years. She pushes me hard to see what I don’t always want to see or admit and for that I am grateful. Even the other day I had to stand back and ask myself why I was triggered so much by her comments/questions. I do know now and yes Marilyn, love unconditionally and trust wholeheartedly.


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