Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends…

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I just came off the Jewish High Holidays where I celebrated the sweet New Year to come as well as asking G-d and my friends, family and those I have hurt, for forgiveness. For some I just said a prayer and sent it out, for others I actually called them up or spoke face-to-face to ask forgiveness.

For me the forgiveness always come back to me and I say to myself … “from this day forward I will be true to who I am: kind, generous, loving and forgiving”. This year I went a little beyond by reminding myself how lucky I am to have so many wonderful people in my life. I have made a conscious decision to forgive and let go of those that do not have my best interest at heart, who bring me down and just don’t care. I also made a conscious decision to focus on what is good in my life: those who love me and want the best; who are always there with a great big hug or smile and mostly for those that let me be, me.

I have begun to start each day with gratitude. This is a practice I did before but somehow let it go by the wayside. Then I turn around and Thanksgiving is around the corner. What I realize and will share is that gratitude is something that is daily, not yearly. It’s like Yom Kippur when all year a person has been mean, or nasty or bad or rude and on that day they ask for forgiveness however their request is hollow because as soon as the holiday is over they return to their patterns, ways.

I do hope that when you sit around the table surrounded by family and friends realize how lucky you are. First of all we live in a country that allows us to walk freely, speak freely and behave freely (within our beliefs of democracy). We have more than enough food, fresh water, some form of shelter available to us. While there are some that are not as fortunate in Canada, their life here is much better than in many other countries, especially war-torn countries. We have much to be grateful for — let’s continue to give back to those less fortunate.

I am committed to getting up in the morning in a place of gratitude, and going to bed in a place of gratitude.

I want to wish everyone and their families a very Happy Thanksgiving. Realize how “rich” you are in so many ways. Look at all the amazing people who you surround yourself by. It may be just two or three people, however these people are family/friends that always have your back. Enjoy this weekend and take away that feeling of being grateful and bring it into every day and every part of your life. You might just see things beginning to shift as you are moving your thoughts away from the negative towards the positive.

I want to say I am so grateful to have my two boys in my life and family, my boyfriend and his family, my incredible friends who are like family, and all those that care about me!

Cheers to a wonderful weekend full of laughter, joy, peace and gratitude.

All my love,


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