I know that this is one of the most important holidays in the US Children return home to their families when possible and it’s a great time to gather with those that you love and care about. In light of what you are seeing in the world right now: the breakdown of systems, the feeling of potential collapse of countries and financial markets, sit ins (Occupy Wall Street), tyrannical leaders being deposed and replaced, and political and economic unrest, be assured and know that this is good and that we are clearing out that which has brought destruction, separation, greed and manipulation.

We, as the people of this world, have a choice as to the direction this world takes. We can continue to choose the world of duality, separation, fear, all about me, and destroying our natural resources OR we can choose to put aside our differences (because in truth we all want the same thing), begin to collaborate and work together to create solutions that benefit ALL, be innovative and create sustainable and executable things like alternative energy sources (move away from being oil dependent), replenish our resources, and come from love, acceptance and peace. Some of you might say, she’s crazy. NO, I say, everything is possible and that we can choose to become what we want.

It will mean looking at what is working and what is not and then taking baby steps to create and change what we do know already and then collaborate and create something totally new and different to what is out there, but will make a difference. If people like me didn’t exist then we wouldn’t have the airplane, the light bulb, the cellphone, the computer, and so on.

As you sit down with your families tonight and over the weekend, take the time to really be in gratitude. Be grateful for the food on your table – look at it for many people in the world are starving; when you drink water – know that the people of Sudan would do anything for a glass of fresh, clean water that brings health and not disease; when you go to leave – know that there are many people out there who cannot just walk out their door for fear of being fired at, have missiles shot at them, or just because they are a woman. I say all of this because I know that the US is dealing with its own struggles. Know that your struggles are our struggles and whether you are in Europe, Canada, China, or the US one hand feeds the other and conversely, one hand impacts the other.

Have a wonderful weekend wherever you are in this world. Let’s all be in gratitude.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving to all!

All my love,


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