Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends!

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This is one of the biggest holidays if not the biggest holiday in the US. It doesn’t distinguish between colour, creed, religion or sex. It is equally celebrated by all.

It is about gratitude and what we are grateful for in our life. For many this will come easy and for others who are struggling or dealing with issues – personal or professional – this may seem more daunting.

I am so grateful for many things in my life. There are other things that I really have to sit back and find the gratitude, especially the personal issue I am dealing with right now.

It is important to find this place as we know that so many good things come out of gratitude. We see friendships developing and blossoming, doors opening and things flowing to us that we want to manifest.

For the most part we get to choose who we spend our time with on this holiday. These are people we love and cherish. Of course there are situations where you will be surrounded by people that you don’t like or are not your favourite people. In these cirucmstances you can set the boundaries. You can smile and say hi and that’s it, you can have small chitter chatter or you may be able to resolve an outstanding issue.

However this unfolds you are in charge of the outcome. This is a time of empowerment. It does not mean demeaning or bringing down someone else. It just means that you can choose how people speak to you, the tone of voice they use and even the range of topics. If there is an outstanding family issue you can let the person know that this is not the appropriate time and place to discuss this. You are happy (if you are) to speak of this at another time.

Most important enjoy this time. Laugh, share, and be in peace. All is good.

I want to wish everyone celebrating a Happy Thanksgiving for you and your families. For those not celebrating, you can still be grateful.

All my love,


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